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The Early Life of Poe (02:12)


Edgar Allan Poe's life was dramatic and confusing from the start. He was born in Boston to actors who soon divorced. His mother died soon after he was born, and he was taken in by a family who cared for him well. He was educated in some of the best schools in the country.

Edgar's New Mother (03:17)

It is not hard to believe that she was delighted to adopt the attractive, curly-haired little boy, Edgar.

The Richmond of Poe's Youth (02:43)

In the Richmond of Poe's youth, a sophisticated and charming southern society was developing at pace, and Edgar Allan Poe fitted right into it.

How Did John Allan Get It So Wrong About His Foster Son? (02:11)

John Allan got it wrong about his foster son, Edgar, because he was worried about scandal and Poe's dedication to his wife.

Poe as a Student (02:15)

Poe was a student at the University of Virginia, but he got into debt and had a reputation for being a drunkard. Allan brought him home and broke off relations with Elmira.

Private Perry (03:50)

He left home and joined the army to escape his problems. He joined as Private Perry.

Poe in New York and Philadelphia (04:38)

Poe was a great writer and editor who was sacked from his job for being drunk. He and his wife moved to New York, where he wrote some of his best work. He then moved to Philadelphia, where he started a magazine that didn't sell.

Family Circumstances Change (05:53)

The family circumstances changed dramatically. Poe now had a reasonable salary, and a chance to work as he wanted under a sympathetic owner.

Credits (00:49)


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Poe rose from the depths of despair at age 22, disinherited and destitute, to become one of the greatest figures in American literature. At that age he had three dozen poems published and went on to do about forty more. The Pit and the Pendulum and The Tell-Tale Heart are two of his most enduring works.

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