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Global Climate Change Class (08:44)


Prof. Anne Marie Todd hopes students will recognize the significant choices they have made that make a positive impact. Students create community action projects including Campus Closet, Meatless Monday, and Regenerative Agriculture.

Starting Younger (03:26)

The science curriculum for sixth grade students at Taylor Elementary School uses the same principles applied at San Jose University. Students discuss pesticides, lead poisoning, and personal actions.

Global Warming Lesson (04:22)

Students at Bulldog Tech Middle School test the amount of electricity some appliances use and apply lessons to their daily life. Nicole Rogerson discusses changes her family has made at home.

"Green Ninja" (02:57)

Students at Taylor Elementary School create films about global warming; one group highlights transportation pollution. The climate action super hero talks about solutions.

Climate Change Class Alumni (07:44)

Kristen Wonder cites on campus initiatives. Lolitta Tracy uses social media to promote sustainability. Billy Roderick improves streetlight energy use. Will Fluewelling advocates for climate change curriculum. Elaine Alattore implements the CAP meat process at Walmart.

Credits: One Carbon Footprint at a Time (00:20)

Credits: One Carbon Footprint at a Time

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As discussions about the impact of climate change intensify around the world, this program demonstrates how the individual has the power to make a difference. Following students engaging in climate change activities as part of their curriculum, we see how everyday actions, like the clothes you choose, the food you eat and grow, and even the energy you use to power you home, can have a critical impact on climate change.

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