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Gulf Coast Civic Works Project (05:51)


In 2012, students at San Jose University campaign to increase minimum wage. FDR's economic bill of rights inspires students in Scott Myers-Lipton's social action class. In 2007, students develop a coalition, to demand civic works jobs.

Measure D Campaign (05:00)

Diana Crumedy identifies student challenges and addresses a classroom about raising minimum wage. Students at De Anza College discuss funding and opposition.

Countering Measure D Opposition (05:35)

Students stage a demonstration in front of Chamber of Commerce offices and seek support from community organizations like South Bay Labor Council and non-profit organizations that address poverty.

Poverty Under the Stars Sleep Out (05:21)

Academic calendars cause challenges for college students seeking to change pubic policies. Students stage the sleep out to raise awareness for Measure D; the 2012 measure succeeds.

Student Homeless Alliance (05:15)

Over 10% of college students in California face some type of homelessness; Saline Chandler shares her experience. In 2019, social action class students seek to provide 12 beds in student housing.

Credits: Walk the Walk (00:37)

Credits: Walk the Walk

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This film showcases a unique college class where students go beyond talking about possible solutions to the problems facing American society to implementing actual policy changes that get at their root causes. Over a 12 year period, the film follows classes as they try to solve devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina; successfully raise the minimum wage in San Jose, California; and develop policies that confront homelessness. Providing a mode for democracy to come alive in the classroom, it also educates students in improving their communities, and society at large.

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