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Physical Care

Item #: 206406

Team Approach to Comprehensive Care

Item #: 206407

Bereavement Issues

Item #: 206408

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Caring for the Dying Patient

The Series Includes : Physical Care | Team Approach to Comprehensive Care | Bereavement Issues
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This series addresses the care needs of dying patients. Using interviews with healthcare professionals and vignettes, it addresses issues facing terminally ill patients and their families. It discusses effective pain management strategies; emotional support; family assessment and involvement; common symptoms of impending death; the role of the hospice team; giving bad news; addressing spiritual needs; and sensitivity to cultural feelings and rituals regarding death. The information and scenarios address the special needs of all age groups including children and the elderly, as well as the impact on family dynamics and the siblings of terminally ill children, as well as the potential for exhaustion for family caregivers. The various aspects of grief are also discussed. The program also consider self-care for both professional and family caregivers.

Length: 75 minutes

Item#: BVL206405

ISBN: 978-1-64867-737-3

Copyright date: ©2020

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