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World War I (03:25)


The Germans attack in 1914 and war spreads; 10 million people die. In 1915, a soldier captures a burial brigade on camera. Officials sign an armistice on November 11, 1918. (Credits)

WWI Armistice (04:33)

Citizens of the victorious countries celebrate; the defeated empires implode. The war has fanned a desire for independence in many countries. Belgians pay tribute to the Canadians.

Flanders and France (04:00)

Scottish soldiers discover a German train filled with ammunition. Germans evacuate and Action Française honors the return of Alsace; some Alscacians prefer German efficiency and protection.

Germany and Russia (04:36)

Kaiser Wilhelm II has abdicated. German soldiers return home to cheering crowds; many feel betrayed by German politicians. The Bolsheviks launch the Red Terror; revolution begins in Hungary. Communist attacks begin in Germany.

Allied Occupation (03:50)

Allied Forces enter Germany on December 1, 1918. Resentment against French, African, and British soldiers builds, but American troops along the Rhine are popular. President Woodrow Wilson arrives for the Paris Peace Conference.

Paris Peace Conference (07:56)

Wilson has a 14-point plan for peace. French Prime Minister Georges Clémenceau wants Germany to pay reparations. Italian nationalist movements decry Wilson's doctrine. Leaders sign the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919.

Victory Day (05:16)

In 1919, citizens celebrate Bastille Day; Clémenceau orders a grand military parade in Paris. Wounded soldiers and those with PTSD struggle to go on.

Dictated Peace (03:34)

French women are denied the right to vote and lose their factory jobs. Hitler uses the Treaty of Versailles as a foundation for his speeches. German military leaders transform the army to seek revenge.

Demobilization (09:20)

Upper German society supports Hitler and industrialists form a wealthy elite. Allied armies struggle to demobilize their men and returning soldiers face many challenges. The Spanish Flu kills millions of people.

Recovery Efforts (05:57)

Northern and eastern France is devastated. German POWs are forced to clear mines; 22,105 prisoners die while incarcerated. Rich Americans help the French. Approximately six million European children are orphans. The U.K. exports young women without husbands.

Mourning the Dead (05:53)

Many families seek to repatriate deceased loved ones and special units dig up bodies. Military cemeteries in France hold the remains of 1,748,000 soldiers. Spiritualism increases and memorials honor the dead; world leaders honor the Unknown Soldier.

American Isolationism (07:07)

The U.S. Senate refuses to ratify the Treaty of Versailles, jeopardizing the League of Nations. Various treaties following that of Versailles spark conflicts; the Treaty of Sèvres reshapes the Middle East. Mustafa Kemal leads a nationalist insurrection.

Peace Refugees (03:59)

Fridtjof Nansen leads the effort to help 9 million refugees. In Montreal, Jews protest the fate of those in the Ukraine. Russia, now the USSR, experiences famine that kills 5 million people; countries provide humanitarian aid.

Russian Immigrants (04:15)

Four-hundred thousand white Russians settle in France; Coco Chanel launches Chanel No. 5 and former soldiers become taxi drivers. Soviet influence spreads and opposing veterans unite behind Gabriele D'Annunzio.

Benito Mussolini (03:40)

Mussolini creates the Fascist movement and promises to restore social order. He organizes the March on Rome in 1922 and gains control of Italy.

Totalitarian Threat (03:09)

In 1923, German veterans unite behind Erich Ludendorff. Adolph Hitler attempts to seize power but is imprisoned. In Spain, Miguel Primo de Rivera establishes a dictatorship, inspiring Francisco Franco.

Rif War (03:39)

In 1921, Franco is responsible for maintaining order. Abd el-Krim and his men engage the Spanish and French in battle; el-Krim surrenders in 1926. Fascism and Communism rise around the world.

Roaring 20s (03:45)

American conservatives impose Prohibition and the mafia strengthens its hold. Jazz and the Charleston become popular in America, Paris, and Berlin.

Credits: Apocalypse: Never-Ending War (01:11)

Credits: Apocalypse: Never-Ending War

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It’s 1918. This is the story of the years following the First World War, a time of chaos, conflicts and precarious equilibrium. Survivors have lost everything. As the world reels and tries to right itself, misery and uncertainty give rise to the evil forces of totalitarianism. Will peace ever come?

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