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Introduction: Crisis (01:49)


Kelly McEvers works with scientists and filmmakers to create this documentary about water. Water supply changes reshape our world.

Chapter One: Follow the Water (10:33)

Saltwater has entered the Gaza aquifer and 97% of wells are unfit for consumption; Yehia Jedallah collects water from a charity. The Salton Sea in California is now dry and desolate. NASA launches the GRACE Mission to track the movement of water around the world.

Chapter Two: Drought (07:37)

The Cape Town Reservoir is nearly dry. Residents stand in line to collect water and farmers receive water and livestock feed from a charity. Moisture lost in drought goes somewhere else; Mike Olbinski chases supercells.

Chapter Three: Floods (04:33)

In 2018, Hurricane Florence stalls on the coast of the Carolinas, collects moisture from the ocean, and distributes it on land. Photographer Gideon Mendel documents increased flooding around the world.

Chapter Four: Hidden Water (06:11)

Nearly 50% of farm irrigation water comes from underground. The GRACE Mission allows scientists to see that groundwater is disappearing.

Chapter Four: Hidden Water—Ogallala Aquifer (05:52)

Mike Callicrate blames industrial agriculture for diminishing water supplies and lost communities. Over half of the world's aquifers are past sustainability tipping points. In 2006, Syria experiences a severe drought and farmers overdraw aquifers.

Chapter Five: Connections (08:38)

Zaatari Refugee Camp houses approximately 80,000 people, including Mahmoud Al-Kadr. Troy Sternberg links drought to social unrest, global politics, and war.

Chapter Five: Connections—Water Economy (07:28)

Giulio Boccaletti reports that in 10 years, fresh water demands will exceed supplies by 40%. Sarina Prabasi discusses New York's approach to water management. Every region will need its own approach to addressing water scarcity.

Credits: Crisis (00:36)

Credits: Crisis

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What is it like to live in a world without access to water? Investigate global changes in giant storms and floods across America, the over-use of aquifers around the world, the “mining” of underground water for profit, New York City’s plan to use nature for water treatment, and how an appreciation for the value of water can profoundly affect our understanding of this precious resource.

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