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November 8, 2018 (03:16)


Fire danger warnings are in effect. Capt. Matt McKenzie recalls waking up to high winds and getting the call for a vegetation fire that started beneath a PG&E high voltage tower. (Credits)

Fire Origins (03:20)

Capt. McKenzie makes visual contact at 6:44 AM and realizes he cannot access the fire. The fire spreads quickly toward Concow Lake and Cal Fire responds; winds increase.

"The Camp Fire" (02:54)

Jordan Huff recalls her grandfather's farm and her father's warning to evacuate. Capt. Jeff Edson and a colleague are trapped in Concow; fire intelligence to Cal Fire is limited.

Fire Escalation (03:30)

The fire moves toward Paradise. Carol Ladrini fields 911 calls and initially believes the fire is north of Concow. Cal Fire issues evacuation orders for the east side of Paradise. After entering the city, they expand evacuations to the entire town.

Fire Season (06:12)

Chief David Hawks reflects on previous seasons. Climate change has increased wildfires. By 8:02 AM, Paradise is under mandatory evacuation. Sgt. Robert Pickering captures the fire on his bodycam. Feather River Hospital evacuates patients.

Town Evacuation (05:13)

Fire sweeps through Paradise in less than 60 minutes. Huff recalls road congestion when trying to flee. The town's evacuation plan does not encompass the entire town leaving at once.

Alert System (04:29)

By 9:01 AM, over 350 firefighters are in Paradise. Christina Taft recalls trying to convince her mother to flee, but Victoria refuses; they did not receive an official evacuation order. The fire outpaces resources.

Congested Roads (03:46)

Nichole Jolly describes trying to flee Paradise; she has to leave her car. Michael Wara reflects on previous fires and the need to plan differently. Chief David Hawks states that the speed of the Camp Fire was unanticipated.

Cal Fire Emergency (05:06)

Fire traps many people in their homes and calls flood the center. Firefighters encounter cars as they drive down Pearson. Jolly encounters a firetruck and jumps inside. Joe Kennedy uses a bulldozer to clear the road.

Paradise Destroyed (07:55)

By 10:45 AM, the fire consumes 20,000 acres; 50,000 people escape. The fire burns a total of 153,000 acres and takes 85 lives; Taft and Huff recall learning about their loved ones.

Criminal Culpability (05:10)

D.A. Mike Ramsey investigates charges against PG&E; Russell Gold cites repeated violations. PG&E denies knowing of any specific maintenance issues that caused the Camp Fire. Some scientists believe wildfires will dramatically increase in size.

Credits: Fire in Paradise (01:01)

Credits: Fire in Paradise

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Who's to blame for the devastating Camp Fire, and why was it so catastrophic? With accounts from survivors and first responders, this is the inside story of the most destructive fire in California history, its causes and the impact of climate change.

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