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U.S. Politics (02:53)


In a 1980 interview, Donald Trump says he is not interested in running for political office. The U.S. becomes increasingly divided; Trump announces his presidential candidacy. (Credits)

2015 GOP Debate (08:18)

Megyn Kelly asks Trump about disparaging comments he made about women. Trump fuels the conflict with Kelly and she becomes a target for Breitbart. Fox News CEO Roger Ailes does not want to alienate viewers.

Campaign Tactics (09:25)

Trump rallies his populist base, displaying disdain for the media and elitists. He connects with crowds and receives significant amounts of live air time. Anti-Trump protestors arrive at rallies; Trump's style of politics connects with American anger.

Sewing Discord (06:06)

Russia uses Facebook to strike at divisions in American democracy. A Russian propaganda network airs conspiracy theories about Hilary Clinton's health that become mainstream. An unwillingness to accept corrections fundamentally changes American politics.

Campaign Scandal (08:36)

The media releases a tape of Trump talking about groping women and many Republicans denounce him. Trump reframes the political crisis and his base remains supportive. Before the presidential debate, Trump holds a press conference with Bill Clinton's accusers.

President Elect (07:31)

Trump wins the election, surprising many and highlighting deep American divides. His acceptance speech and public meeting with President Obama are "toned down."

Russian Interference (07:08)

U.S. Intelligence officials tell Trump that Russia interfered with the election and inform him of a dossier; news of the meeting and dossier goes public. Trump states the dossier contains false information and attacks the media.

Trump Inauguration (10:01)

Trump speaks directly to his base, framing an "us vs. them" conflict; anti-Trump protestors fill the streets. Inaugural crowd size comparisons anger Trump and Sean Spicer claims Trump's audience was the largest in history. Matt Bai reflects on truth and belief.

First Presidential Acts (04:12)

Trump signs several executive orders on divisive issues, including a travel ban aimed at predominantly Muslim countries. Tens of thousands protest at airports.

Repeal and Replace (07:32)

Republicans work to repeal Obamacare; Sen. John McCain becomes a key vote. After legislative failure, Trump targets congressional Republicans on Twitter.

Deep State (05:13)

Trump fires FBI Director James Comey and rallies his base. Some media outlets cite a "witch hunt" while others cite obstruction of justice; the partisan divide deepens.

White Nationalist Rally (09:20)

Demonstrators march in Charlottesville, Virginia. Protestors and counter-protestors clash and a man drives his car through the crowd. Trump condemns the violence, but his remarks spark an uproar.

Divisive Party (05:30)

Trump targets Republicans that are not supportive, including Sen. Jeff Flake. During a Senate meeting, Flake speaks against a hateful government but receives no support. In time, 40 Republicans leave their seats.

Major Legislation (03:32)

Trump announces the passing of a tax cut. Congressional leaders praise Trump, creating unity in the Republican Party.

Supreme Court Justice Confirmation (08:01)

Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh, igniting partisan divide. Christine Blasey Ford accuses Kavanaugh of sexual assault, He denies accusations and goes on the attack while testifying before the judiciary committee.

Intensified Partisanship (03:20)

Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives. Trump meets with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on national television and conflict occurs.

Impeachment Inquiry (04:02)

Pelosi announces an official inquiry. Trump amplifies the "us vs. them" perspective. Impeachment votes are divided by party lines. Experts reflect on the political future.

Credits: America's Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, Episode 2 (01:02)

Credits: America's Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, Episode 2

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America's Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, Episode 2

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Episode 2 examines how Donald Trump’s campaign exploited the country’s divisions and how his presidency has unleashed anger on both sides of the divide.

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