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Barrack Obama (02:34)


In 2004, Obama gives the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention. He presents a promise of unity, but his presidency ushers in an area of political conflict, anger, and polarization. (Credits)

Presidential Contender (02:17)

For many, Obama represents generational change. In 2008, he runs for president.

Sarah Palin (04:33)

Palin runs for vice president in 2008 and taps into a grievance against the elite; she electrifies the G.O.P. base. A Katie Couric interview angers some Republicans; Palin becomes the target of jokes.

Obama Inauguration (03:42)

Many Americans believe Obama can deliver on his promise of unity; his inauguration sets a record attendance. While many celebrate the Neighborhood Ball, Republican leaders gather to discuss a plan of attack.

Economic Crisis (05:28)

The collapse of the economy significantly reshapes American politics. Some members of the Obama Administration want severe punishment for the banks, but Obama takes a cautious approach; anger and distrust of the government grows.

Healthcare Reform (03:30)

Obama pushes Congress to pass legislation. Palin criticizes the plan on Facebook, introducing the term "death panel." Steve Schmidt classifies Palin as a serial liar.

Right Wing Media (07:17)

Glen Beck promotes conspiracy theories and is the catalyst for an uprising. Charlie Sykes states that the "outrage machine" changed the nature of politics. Race is a central part of the American divide. The arrest of Prof. Henry Louis Gates prompts outrage on both sides.

Congressional Divide (05:07)

Obama demands action on healthcare reform and states his proposals will not cover illegal immigrants; Rep. Joe Wilson says he lies. Obama realizes reform will not be bipartisan and rallies democratic supporters. Obamacare passes without majority support throughout the country.

Birther Movement (08:24)

Some challenge Obama's citizenship and demand to see his birth certificate; Donald Trump makes the issue mainstream. Obama is furious with the media, but releases more proof of citizenship; he ridicules Trump at the White House Correspondents Diner.

Mid-Term Political Divide (06:54)

Republicans gain control of the House and John Boehner becomes Speaker. Obama connects with Boehner and they meet secretly to discuss fiscal issues. Republicans do not support the deal and the caucus fundamentally changes.

Trayvon Martin Case (05:49)

Members of the African American community believe Obama has not said enough about race. His response to the Martin case triggers some backlash. Breitbart becomes a hub of extremist viewpoints.

Presidential Race 2012 (06:02)

Obama runs a hard-line re-election campaign. The Republican Party is divisive over Mitt Romney; he obtains Trump's endorsement. After Obama's win, Trump tweets about revolution and trademarks "Make America Great Again."

Second Presidential Term (07:57)

Obama focuses on immigration reform. Republicans realize they must appeal to young voters, women, and Latinos. Steve Bannon attacks the Republican establishment, weaponizing immigration. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor loses his seat.

Sandy Hook School Shooting (09:22)

Communities grieve the loss of life. Obama, upset and angry, hopes the tragedy will unite people on gun control. Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey draft a bill, but it fails.

Ferguson Police Shooting (07:12)

An officer fatally shoots Michael Brown and the incident becomes a metaphor for police/African American relations; riots erupt in Ferguson. Obama is cautious. The Black Lives Matter movement emerges; blow back occurs.

Executive Order (04:10)

Republicans win the Senate in 2014 and control both houses of Congress. Obama goes his own way and bypasses Congress.

Trump Candidacy (06:26)

Social media encourages Trump to run for president. Immigration becomes a major part of his campaign platform; his comments about Mexican immigrants sparks controversy.

Emanuel AME Church Shooting (08:02)

A white supremacists murders the minister and eight parishioners. At the memorial service, Obama talks about race in a way he had not done before and sings "Amazing Grace."

Political Opposites (06:01)

Palin endorses Trump's candidacy; Trump makes several claims against Obama. Obama discusses political division in his final State of the Union Address.

Credits: America's Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, Episode 1 (01:01)

Credits: America's Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, Episode 1

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America's Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, Episode 1

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Episode 1 traces how Barack Obama’s promise of unity collapsed as increasing racial, cultural and political divisions laid the groundwork for the rise of Donald Trump.

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