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Introduction: Deaf Out Loud (02:51)


The Mansfields visit a gun range for the first time; being deaf is not a disability. This film tells the stories of three deaf families. There are over 35 million deaf people in the U.S. who communicate in varying ways.

Posner Family (02:43)

Mick describes the difference between himself and a hearing person; Rachel and their children Henry and Faith have some hearing. Faith gives Rachel advice before a meeting.

Mansfield Family (05:05)

The family communicates using American Sign Language; it is the predominate language used by Deaf communities in the U.S. Sheena and Manny reflect on early communication struggles; their daughter Shay is born deaf and Ivy is born hearing.

Cochlear Implant (02:16)

Henry wants a double hearing aid and visits the doctor for a hearing test; Rachel and Mick wait for the results.

Garcia Family (04:17)

Hearing aids do not clarify sounds for Paco who was born deaf. His wife April is considered a CODA. The couple has six children and four of them are deaf. They want to run a group foster home for Deaf children.

Hearing Dilemma (03:34)

Zade has not been wearing his hearing aids at school. April and Paco discuss making Zade wear them or sending him to a Deaf school

Communication and Relationships (03:14)

Manny helps Ivy and Shay make Mother's Day gifts. He discusses choosing ASL over verbal communication and family challenges. Sheena and Manny reflect on initially keeping Ivy's hearing ability a secret.

CI Controversy (07:19)

April tells Zade that they are going to visit the Deaf school. The Posner family visits the community pool and discusses Henry's desire for cochlear implants. Manny, Sheena, April, and Paco share their feelings about CI.

Parenthood Concerns (03:39)

The Mansfields have a preschool graduation party for Ivy; they worry about the impact of sending her to a hearing school. The Posners learn Henry is not a candidate for a cochlear implant.

Family Choices (05:32)

Rachel worries about telling Henry he does not qualify for CI. Paco, April, and Zade visit the Texas School for the Deaf. The debate between mainstream inclusion and Deaf schools is complex.

Zade's Future (01:57)

Zade wants to attend the Texas School for the Deaf. Paco talks to Zade about losing his hearing. (Credits)

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Executive produced by Academy Award-winner Marlee Matlin, this new documentary special follows three predominantly deaf families as they raise their children in a hearing world.

Length: 43 minutes

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