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Hollywood Director (04:32)


Anthony Mann is one of Hollywood's great architects of the American western. See various clips of his films.

Mann's Background (03:01)

Mann is born Emil Anton Bundesmann in San Diego, CA and grows up in the Lomaland cult. He starts a theater company and directs plays, gaining the attention of David O. Selznick. Mann joins RKO as an assistant director.

Mann's Early Films (05:28)

Mann directs "Dr. Broadway" and "Moonlight in Havana." He signs a contract with Republic Pictures and directs several films including "Strangers in the Night" and "The Great Flamarion." In 1949, he directs "Border Incident" for MGM Studios.

"The Furies" (05:50)

Mann directs his first true western film in 1950. He follows its success with "Winchester '73," expanding the talents of James Stewart, and "Side Street."

Mann's Return to Westerns (02:58)

Mann directs "Devil's Doorway" and "The Tall Target" before collaborating with Stewart on several films including "The Naked Spur."

"The Glenn Miller Story" (05:57)

Mann directs Stewart in the 1954 biographical film. The men collaborate on three more films including "The Far Country."

"The Last Frontier" (03:58)

Mann directs the 1955 film starring Victor Mature and the 1956 musical "Serenade." He returns to westerns with "The Tin Star" in 1957.

"Men in War" (05:47)

Mann directs Robert Ryan and Aldo Ray in the 1957 war drama. He then directs "God's Little Acre" and Gary Cooper in "Man of the West."

Mann's Later Films (07:55)

In the 1960s, Mann directs the epics "El Cid," "Cimarron," and "The Fall of the Roman Empire." He then directs "The Heroes of Telemark" and "A Dandy in Aspic." Experts reflect on Mann's legacy.

Credits: Anthony Mann (00:40)

Credits: Anthony Mann

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Film Director Anthony Mann, born in 1906, is best remembered for his work in the film noir. He directed films for a variety of production companies, from RKO to MGM, and worked with many major stars of the era. He made several Westerns with James Stewart, such as Winchester '73 (1950), and he was the director of the medieval epic El Cid (1961), working with Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren. He also directed the big-budget film Cimarron (1960), which starred Glenn Ford and Maria Schell.

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