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Helping Malawi (05:15)


Mariam Chiwaya in Malawi describes how her husband left her and her children after she became disabled. Stephen Wood explains the mission of the organization and his background. "Tools for Solidarity" collects old tools around the European Union and sends them to Africa.

Organization's Growth (02:34)

"Tools for Solidarity" finds a youth organization to refurbish the tools and another NGO to send the equipment to Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Wood describes how they began shipping refurbished sewing machines to Uganda and Tanzania.

Volunteers (04:08)

Retirees, young offenders, unemployed people, and refugees contribute to "Tools for Solidarity." International volunteers come from Eireni and the European Voluntary Service and all live in the same home. Boglarka Benke describes how she began her career refurbishing Singer sewing machines.

Visiting Other Cities (03:22)

"Tools for Solidarity" creates tool drives in other locations, primarily in Ireland. Local volunteers with extra support needs run a workshop in Downpatrick at Southwell School.

In Kilkeel (02:51)

Over a hundred people, some with disabilities, live at Mourne Granger Camphill Community in County Down, Ireland. During the winter months, they refurbish equipment to send to Africa for "Tools for Solidarity."

In Edinburgh, Scotland (08:27)

Warren Canham runs a workshop with trainees at Garvald Edinburgh for "Tools for Solidarity." Volunteers with learning disabilities work on projects that enhance their own abilities. After training from John Wood, the organization now can refurbish sewing machines.

The Recipients (04:56)

Samuel Mayilosi makes furniture that he can sell to others. The Global Concerns Trust offers vocational training for people with disabilities to learn furniture making, tailoring, and carpentry.

Starting a Business (05:13)

KODO provides those who graduate with a set of tools and guidance. Graduates discuss having a regular income and upgrading their homes to have electricity in the evening.

Further Training (02:53)

The Community Rehabilitation Office in Nkhotakca district offers additional courses of study for people with disabilities. Everyone is capable of something and trainers help find what people can excel at. Economic and social changes occur in those who graduate.

Skill-Sharing Workshops (05:37)

Graduates return to discuss how to grow their business, advertising, and challenges that have occurred. They learn additional skills by watching other more experienced tailors.

Providing Feedback (05:37)

"Tools for Solidarity" asks for photographs to show the volunteers the difference they have made in a person's life. Wood addresses recipients of tools and sewing machines at the Malawi Council for the Handicapped.

Credits: Tools for Solidarity (01:01)

Credits: Tools for Solidarity

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This documentary follows an organization in Ireland called Tools for Solidarity. Their mission is to provide people with disabilities with a trade and a sense of purpose. We visit the workshops in Ireland that employ disabled people to refurbish old sewing machines and tools and we see how this equipment is boxed up and sent to different parts of Africa. We also travel to Malawi to learn how the tools are being used to uplift those communities, providing locals—primarily women and people with disabilities— with new trades and an opportunity to generate a livelihood for themselves and their families. Through tolerance and solidarity, real change is possible.

Length: 53 minutes

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