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Film Introduction: Intervention (01:51)


Gambling and shopping addictions are explored in this episode of Intervention. Gabe has gambled away over $500,000 and lost his family’s home. Vanessa is a compulsive shopper. Millions of Americans with addictions need help to stop.

Gabe - Compulsive Gambler (03:59)

Gabe refuses to accept that his parents sold their home to pay his gambling debts. They pay $600 a week to keep him in a hotel. He is $200,000 in debt. He has tried to kill himself four times.

Vanessa - Compulsive Shopper (04:05)

Vanessa plans her day around shopping. Vanessa never knew her father, and she is alienated from her mother. For Vanessa, shopping is a drug. She suffers from a multitude of disorders such as PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Parents as Cash Source (03:14)

Gabe, a compulsive gambler, demands cash from his mother. His mother refuses to help but then gives him $2,800. He plans to gamble with the money to make more money.

Child Prodigy/Failed Adult (02:49)

Gabe faces possible fraud charges for checks bounced at casinos. A child prodigy, Gabe had an IQ of 156. He graduated from UCLA at age 14. In graduate school, he taught pre-med students. He has never been successful.

Dangerous Spending (05:28)

Vanessa, a compulsive shopper, spent $26,000 on things instead of investing it in a house. Credit card bills eat through her savings. Her friends worry about her behavior. Her agoraphobia might interfere with a casting call.

Irresponsible Adult (01:33)

Gabe believes that parents are responsible for their children for the children's entire lives. He withdraws $2,000 that his parents don't know about. He gambles it away.

Pre-Intervention Meeting (03:30)

Gabe's friend and family attend a pre-intervention meeting. Gabe uses gambling to take the focus off his problems. Gabe blames the blackjack cards for not making money for him.

How to Help a Shopping Addict (02:44)

Vanessa, too sick to leave her bed, shops on TV. Her friends meet with a doctor who specializes in helping shopping addicts. The moment of truth is at hand for addicts Gabe and Vanessa.

Adult Temper Tantrum (05:07)

Both addicts, at separate interventions, hear what their friends and family have to say. Gabe's response is to talk about suicide. Gabe has a temper tantrum.

Inability to Accept Responsibility (03:12)

During Gabe's intervention, he puts the blame back on the others in the room again and again. He takes no responsibility for his out-of-control life. Throughout the intervention, Gabe yells at everyone.

Two Addicts Response to Intervention (05:07)

Vanessa's interventionist explains the importance of Vanessa's personal commitment. Vanessa thanks her friends for helping her. Gabe continues to treat the intervention as a show that he is directing.

Treatment Centers (01:50)

Vanessa leaves for a local hospital. Gabe takes the red eye to South Carolina and rehab. Follow-up on Gabe and Vanessa is provided.

Credits: Intervention #2 (Gabe and Vanessa) (00:29)

Credits: Intervention #2 (Gabe and Vanessa)

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Intervention #2 (Gabe and Vanessa)

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Riveting real-life television, Intervention explores the lives of people dependent on drugs, alcohol, or other destructive behaviors and the people who intervene to save them. Gambling and shopping addictions are explored in this episode of Intervention. Gabe has gambled away over $500,000 and lost his family’s home. Vanessa is a compulsive shopper. An actress once featured on a hit TV show, she is now on the verge of bankruptcy but is unable to stop spending. Interventions are held by family members and friends to help them overcome their situations. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. (45 minutes)

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