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German SPD (04:47)


Axel Schaefer campaigns as a Bochum Social Democrat Party constituent. Germans blame his party for unemployment and cuts to social programs. Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder passed reforms, leading to divides in wealth distribution; the political group has a reputation for adopting globalization.

Third Way Path (10:05)

Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson speaks to Luton constituents. England’s Labor Party has struggled since Margaret Thatcher gained power, deregulating markets and cutting social program. Tony Blair introduces the New Labor Party in 1997, but economics are not reformed.

Political Identity Crisis (02:32)

Schaefer campaigns door-to-door, seeking to make personal connections. The German Democratic Socialist Party and the British Labor Party adopted the Third Way, losing leftist reputations.

SPD Strategic Dilemma (08:16)

Ardalan Shekarabi explains that the country’s economic success relies on including the middle class in its model; taxes are high, but benefits support all. The party has lost voters due to unemployment rates. Liberal Conservative Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt urges adaptation.

Diluted Brand (08:10)

Parliament Member Matthias Fekl meets with Marmande constituents. He addresses President Francois Hollande’s failure to reform French economics, giving citizens a bad impression of his leadership and the Socialist Democratic Party.

Is SPD Becoming Redundant? (09:36)

Italian Parliament Member Matteo Orfini meets with angry Roman seniors. He explains how Silvio Berlusconi’s conviction put moderates in charge of socialist democrats. The party is in turmoil and highly unpopular.

Facing Globalization (06:53)

European social democrats traditionally defend working classes and build welfare states. Lacking leadership, they have lost many constituents and they no longer offer true alternatives to conservative and center groups.

Credits: No Left Turn (01:11)

Credits: No Left Turn

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With 58% of Europeans saying that they are politically center-left or left wing, one might expect social democrats to be on the brink of a golden age. Surprisingly, Europe's left has suffered catastrophic ratings in recent years. This documentary follows politicians from six European countries to explore what social democracy is and what its challenges are.

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