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Gulf Stream in the Azores (07:02)


Researchers are trying to find a rare fish that comes to the Azores via the ocean current that splits in the Atlantic Ocean; the North Atlantic Drift flows toward Europe. The wreckfish travels the stream but little else is known about it.

Gulf Stream in Europe (07:15)

Horta is a port city that many boats reach by following the North Atlantic Drift. The current is responsible for western European's mild climate. In Brittany, engineers are working on a new type of buoy to study the ocean at new depths.

Gulf Stream in County Donegal (06:09)

A variety of plants can grow in northwest Ireland because of its proximity to the Gulf Stream. Seamus O'Donnell has an extensive nursery of exotic plants that he sells to others in the area. Glenveagh Castle is known for its gardens and greenhouses.

Gulf Stream in Orkney (05:58)

The current flows close to the coast of the British Isles. It causes many items and trash to drift ashore in the Orkney islands. Sheep on North Ronaldsay have adapted to eating seaweeds.

Gulf Stream in the Neolithic Period (03:49)

Experts believe settlers built Skara Brae in Orkney because of the good climate. Much of the north Atlantic region was settled because of the Gulf Stream.

Gulf Stream in Iceland (06:44)

The ice on the southwest coast of Iceland is from the Vatnajokull glacier. The warmth from the Gulf Stream keeps the rest of Iceland's coasts free of ice. Researchers are looking for the cause of changing water temperatures and how it could affect the Gulf Stream.

Gulf Stream in Lofoten Islands (08:27)

Cod fishing has been important to northern Norway since the time of the Vikings. The Gulf Stream brings nutrient-rich water near the coast that attracts cod. The islands have a warm climate because of the Gulf Stream.

Gulf Stream's Future (03:59)

The Gulf Stream's water gets cooler and salty the further north it travels and sinks to 4,000 feet. It is responsible for all ocean currents but it is weakening.

Credits: "A Gulf Stream Journey: From Azores to the Arctic Circle" (00:29)

Credits: "A Gulf Stream Journey: From Azores to the Arctic Circle"

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This program continues to follow the journey of the Gulf Stream from the Azores, after it curves away from the east coast of North America, and splits into two branches. The North Atlantic Drift flows past the Azores and towards Europe. We follow several teams of scientists, learning more about various little-known fish and animals who rely on the Gulf Stream; measuring ocean currents and the physics of the oceans; and the unique climatological features of the different lands along its path.

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