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Nino Rota (10:33)


The 1970s is a time of Hollywood experimentation. Rota, born into a musical family, shows early talent and studies in America. He creates scores for "La Strada," "La Dolche Vita," "The Godfather," and more.

Georges Delerue (10:20)

World War II interrupts Delerue's career path. He continues studying and eventually becomes a successful composer. He creates scores for "Jules et Jim," "The Conformist," "A Man for All Seasons," "The Day of the Jackal," "Day for Night," and more.

Jerry Fielding (09:03)

Fielding briefly studies at the Carnegie Institute. His refusal to identify names for the House Un-American Activities Committee gets him blacklisted. Fielding eventually creates scores for "Advise & Consent," "The Wild Bunch," "Straw Dogs," and "The Outlaw Josey Wales."

Marvin Hamlisch (04:39)

Hamlisch displays musical talent at a young age. He enjoys playing jazz piano and meets Woody Allen. Hamlisch creates scores for "Bananas," "The Way We Were," and "The Sting."

Michael Small (04:55)

Small captures the theme of paranoia in his work. He creates scores for "Klute," "The Parallax View," and "Marathon Man."

Lalo Schifrin (07:04)

Schifrin creates scores for "Mission: Impossible," "Coogan's Bluff," "Dirty Harry," "Charley Varrick," "The Eagle Has Landed," and more. Composers in the 1970s implement musical diversity.

Credits: Episode 7: 1970s - Part 1 (00:37)

Credits: Episode 7: 1970s - Part 1

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Episode 7: 1970s - Part 1

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A sea change in the movie industry, with a new breed of independent film makers, comes to the fore. Lalo Shifrin’s Dirty Harry theme brings the tougher edgier cop, and Isaac Hayes’ memorable Shaft. The legendary Nino Rota, who scored the extraordinary Fellini, films La Strada and La Dolce in the 1950s and creates the anthemic, powerful score for The Godfather (1972) —remembered for the classic “Love Theme” with those famous 12 notes. Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells was the unlikely sound of The Exorcist 1973, for which Marvin Hamlisch won the Oscar. Hamlisch also won Best Original Score, and original song for The Way We Were (1973).

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