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Importance of the Renaissance (07:39)


The Renaissance began in Florence, Italy in about 1400 and spread throughout Europe. Many modern developments are a direct result of the movement, which started in art but spread to other disciplines.

Renaissance and Society (05:17)

The Renaissance changed how human society was organized. It created a larger focus on average people rather than those with the most power.

Origins of the Renaissance (03:48)

In Florence, students began studying works from Ancient Greece. Ancient Rome continued Greek ideas and thought, but they were lost when the Republic fell.

Start of the Renaissance (08:39)

It is unknown how Ancient Greek and Roman works were rediscovered in Florence. The emphasis on morality, integrity, and personal freedom spoke to the populace, especially Dante.

Religion and the Renaissance (09:11)

Renaissance artists and writers used their work to explore the role of religion in their lives. Christianity gained power by limiting education and knowledge. The Renaissance led to the secularization of the modern world.

Individualism in the Renaissance (09:35)

The focus on individualism and inquiry in ancient works led to the questioning of religious power. Using Aristotle's method of inquiry, scientists made new discoveries.

Renaissance Art (05:41)

The focus on the individual appeared in paintings. There was a strong development in music during the Renaissance. The printing press helped writing and music spread.

Spirit of the Renaissance (07:57)

The individualism and freedom of the Renaissance allowed writers like William Shakespeare to flourish. His plays focused on the emotions and motivations of individual characters. Renaissance scholars admitted a lack of certainty about the world that turned away from religion.

Renaissance Effect (08:17)

Modern societies' focus on the individual, morality, and scientific inquiry stems from the Renaissance. The spread of knowledge and democracy is tied to Renaissance thought.

Credits: "Renaissance" (00:38)

Credits: "Renaissance"

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The Renaissance which began in Italy 600 years ago is probably the most important and astonishing event in human history. Until that time throughout the world tyrants and authoritarian religions controlled the lives of most human beings. War was the means of settling disputes. The lives of the majority of people counted for nothing. The Renaissance changed everything and its effect is now felt in every corner of the globe. This film by Malcolm Hossick explores how it began and how it is effecting all our lives today.

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