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Politician and Influencer (02:04)


Briefly review the first three episodes of the Joseph Banks series. Banks becomes the chief scientific advisor to the government.

Linnean Vault (04:49)

Carl Linnaeus dies in 1778. Edward Smith purchases Linnaeus' collection that now resides at Burlington House. Ian Cross examines the collection, including "Species Plantarum."

Banks' Wealth and Position (06:45)

Banks manages Revesby Abbey and marries a wealthy woman. He becomes a baronet and president of The Royal Society; Banks shares his personal collection at Soho Square. Daniel Solander dies in 1786 and Banks fails to complete "Florilegium."

Kew Gardens (03:58)

King George III establishes the Royal Botanical Gardens. Banks expands Kew and redistributes plants around the globe; he envisions a self-sustaining empire. The British begin growing tea in India.

Animals and Convicts (04:12)

Banks arranges the smuggling of merino sheep to Kew and Australia, and transports kangaroos to his estate. He suggests establishing a penal colony in Australia and sends seeds and plants with the crew.

Australian Colony (03:58)

Banks receives regular updates about the progress of plants and crops. By 1800, the area around Sydney flourishes. Banks becomes an intermediary between British government and the colonists. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Science and State (00:37)

Credits: Science and State

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Science and State

Part of the Series : The Lost World of Joseph Banks
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This program looks at Banks’ the imperialist and globalist who fused the worlds of science and state, re-distributed the world’s crops and transformed its landscapes including that of Australia.

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