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Botany Bay, Australia (02:07)


Briefly review the first two episodes of the Joseph Banks series. Banks and Daniel Solander collect specimens and Sydney Parkinson makes sketches.

East Coast of Australia (03:27)

Repairs to the HMS Endeavour allow Banks and Solander to investigate flora and fauna. They collect many specimens and Parkinson sketches a kangaroo.

Cultural Differences (03:55)

Parkinson draws some of the first images of Australia's indigenous people; expedition members view themselves as superior. Banks has a scientific interest in the Aborigines.

East Indies (03:35)

The HMS Endeavor sets sail for home, stopping at Batavia. One third of the ship's crew dies of disease, including Parkinson; only three of Banks' original party survive.

Banks and Solander Collection (05:59)

The botanists return to Britain with over 3,000 new plant specimens and hundreds of cultural objects. The Natural Museum in London houses the specimens. Banks becomes a celebrity and a target for satire.

Popularity and Artifacts (04:25)

Banks wants to join Capt. James Cooks' second journey and demands changes to the vessel. He becomes a leading member in London society. The Pitt Rivers Museum houses some of Banks' collection. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Empire's Plant Hunter (00:37)

Credits: Empire's Plant Hunter

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Part of the Series : The Lost World of Joseph Banks
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This program follows Banks and his companions on their botanical journey of exploration of the eastern coast of Australia, the disastrous loss of life on board the HMS Endeavour in the East Indies and Banks’ return to London in 1771, which made him a celebrity.

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