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La Brea Tar Pits (03:36)


Los Angeles architecture has been largely ignored by its inhabitants and snubbed by critics until recently. Crude oil bubbles up through a hole in the ground. Wilshire Blvd goes from downtown to the Pacific Ocean.

One Bunker Hill (03:18)

The headquarters of the Edison Company incorporated Art Deco embellishments with Neo-classical layouts. The discovery of King Tut's tomb inspired a new style of architecture. Corporations provided an outline but gave total license to designers.

Coca-Cola Building (02:34)

Boats inspired Robert Derrah to create this example of the Streamline Moderne architectural movement. In Hancock Park, wealthy owners built houses in any style they liked.

VDL Research House II (02:14)

The Silver Lake area attracted rich Bohemians who preferred avant-garde. Pioneers included Richard Neutra, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Rudolf Schindler.

Pann's Coffee Shop (04:32)

Armet and Davis designed the restaurant in the Googie architectural style. Form followed function and design was meant to catch the eye while driving. Los Angeles meant freedom and starting life anew.

Eichler Home, 1963 (03:58)

The boundary between reality and fiction blurred on Rodeo Drive. Los Angeles's most powerful export was the ability to offer anyone an opportunity to succeed. Joseph Eichler's design incorporated an open atrium.

Walt Disney Concert Hall (05:16)

Los Angles' enduring legacy of freedom and a laid-back lifestyle influenced its architecture. Frank Gehry's design had successful aspects; the project stalled after the completion of the parking lot.

Credits: Los Angeles (00:29)

Credits: Los Angeles

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Hosted by passionate architecture and design expert Charlie Luxton, Metropolis Los Angeles charts the rise of a city founded on oil, one which grew to become one of the richest and most famous in the world. This is a place where dreams come true and anything is possible – and that includes the architecture. Featuring contributions from the L.A. Art Deco Society to architectural experts, to renowned authors and established designers, Charlie uncovers a sweet shop of architectural classics, inspired by the wonders of the modern world.

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