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Shop House (08:12)


The Singapore River was the main artery of commerce; "godowns" stored goods. Sir Stamford Raffles created separate ethnic districts. Rowhouses contain colorful facades, covered walkways, and shuttered windows; Peranakan families developed their own culture.

Black and White House (03:06)

Victorians liked to imitate the Elizabethan Era. A traditional Malay domicile inspired architects to design this home with its main living area one story higher. High ceilings allowed warm air to rise and exit through tall windows.

Tiong Bahru (01:57)

Singapore's first public housing project, built in the 1930s, incorporated elements of Art Deco.

Contemporary City (04:25)

Singapore declared independence in 1965. Newton Suites explored new solutions for urban living in a tropical climate. Singapore was behind in sustainable design, but quickly catching up.

Cultural Identity (04:40)

Singapore artists were unappreciated, particularly in commercial projects. Strict laws prohibited graffiti, littering, and chewing gum. Jack Sim founded the World Toilet Association to enforce clean public restrooms.

Marina Barrage (02:49)

The dam transformed a saltwater bay into a freshwater reservoir. Architects designed solar panels, green spaces, and water playgrounds. The Singapore River underwent a cleanup in 1987. The SkyPark at the Marina Bay Sands Resort contained views of the business district.

Credits: Singapore (00:37)

Credits: Singapore

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Host Julian Davison explores one of Asia’s most modern cities, Singapore. In the last half-century, this small island state, situated in the heart of the tropics close to the equator, has transformed itself into a well organized, vibrant, business, and banking hub servicing the Asian region.

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