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Introduction: Kings of Europe: France, The Habsburgs, & The Russian Tsars (01:39)


This episode examines the legacy of the French, Russian, and Habsburg empires and their architecture.

St. Basil's Cathedral: 1555-1561 (06:06)

Ivan the Terrible declared himself the first tsar. He captured Kazan and built the cathedral as a symbol of victory; a chapel honored Basil the Blessed. Ivan died in 1584 and Russia fell into economic ruin.

Palace of Versailles: 1682-1715 (07:27)

Louis XIV reigned for 72 years. He expanded his hunting lodge into the palace, demonstrating French wealth and power. The palace housed thousands of courtiers and was the site of many state functions.

Catherine Palace: 1752-1796 (09:09)

Peter the Great founded St. Petersburg. Empress Elizabeth I spent over 6.5 million rubles on her summer palace to demonstrate Russian wealth, power, and magnificence; she held two summer balls each year.

Catherine the Great (02:41)

Elizabeth I died in 1762 and was succeeded by Catherine II. During Russia's golden age, Catherine became known for her numerous lovers.

Schonbrunn Palace: 1740-1780 (04:56)

The Habsburg dynasty enjoyed high culture and prosperity. Maria Theresa constructed the palace with the intent to surpass the Palace of Versailles.

Habsburg Dynasty (02:28)

The Habsburgs were patrons of the arts. In 1762, Mozart performed for the royal family. Maria Theresa had 16 children. Her daughter Maria Antonia married Louis XVI.

French Revolution (03:12)

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's luxurious lifestyle made them unpopular with French citizens. Louis introduced new taxes, sparking an uprising in 1789. He was executed in 1793 and Marie Antoinette was imprisoned.

The Conciergerie: 1793-1795 (10:12)

The once main palace for medieval royalty was a prison during the French Revolution. The Revolutionary Court judged thousands of people, including Marie Antoinette, during the Reign of Terror. Napoleon would betray many government ideals.

Credits: Kings of Europe: France, The Habsburgs, & The Russian Tsars (00:40)

Credits: Kings of Europe: France, The Habsburgs, & The Russian Tsars

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Kings of Europe: France, The Habsburgs, & The Russian Tsars

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In this episode of Empire Builders, we explore the historic legacy of three of Europe’s greatest powers—the French, Russian, and Habsburg Empires—whose royal palaces, cathedrals and other great buildings of the 16th to 18th centuries are some of the world’s most remarkable and spectacular cultural monuments.

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