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Wade Robson's Childhood (08:30)


Wade's mother and siblings describe him as a child. He recalls his excitement watching the "Thriller" music video. At age 5, he won a dance competition; the prize was a meeting with Michael Jackson. (Credits)

James Safechuck's Childhood (04:43)

In December of 1986, James filmed a Pepsi commercial with Jackson. Stefanie Safechuck recalls Jackson being compared to a nine-year-old boy.

Meet and Greet With Jackson (07:15)

In November of 1987, Wade saw Jackson perform in concert before meeting him. The next night, he danced on stage with Jackson. Wade recalls experiencing sensory overload.

Hayvenhurst House (05:13)

Jackson sent a crew to interview James and record him dancing. James recalls visiting Jackson's home for the first time. Jackson gifted him the "Thriller" jacket and an envelope of money.

Blossoming Friendship (03:00)

Jackson began spending time at the Safechuck house. Stefanie recalls him acting like a little boy. She believed her prayers aligned with Jackson's.

Hawaii Trip (04:01)

James and Stefanie accompanied Jackson to the Pepsi Convention. Stefanie did not allow her son to sleep in Jackson's room. Listen to audio footage of James interviewing Jackson.

Witnessing Star Power (05:22)

At age 10, James joined Jackson on tour and led other children in dance on stage during "Bad." James and Stefanie met many celebrities while traveling with Jackson.

Beginning of Sexual Abuse (08:20)

James describes how Jackson introduced him to masturbation in Paris. Jackson made James practice how to avoid getting caught in sexual situations. Kissing escalated to oral sex.

Neverland Ranch (07:17)

James stayed with Jackson in the house while Stefanie slept in a guest house. James recalls their ritual, which included a system to alert them if anyone came near. Jackson increasingly isolated James from his parents.

Johnny Young Talent School (05:44)

Wade joined a dance company and performed as Michael Jackson. The group performed at Disneyland in January of 1990. His family contacted Jackson and visited him at a photoshoot.

First Night With Jackson (04:56)

Wade and Chantal Robson rode with Jackson to Neverland Ranch. The Robsons recall their impressions of the property. The children slept in Jackson's room while their parents were in the guest house.

Familiarity With a Pop Star (07:08)

The Robson family felt immediately comfortable with Jackson who showed a special interest in Wade. Wade stayed at Neverland with Jackson while his family took a trip to the Grand Canyon.

First Sexual Contact With Jackson (07:54)

Jackson began making physical contact with 7-year-old Wade on his first day at Neverland. Wade recalls how he felt when Jackson touched his penis. The sexual behavior escalated quickly to oral sex and masturbation.

Shopping Trips With Jackson (03:28)

Joy, Wade, and Chantal traveled to Los Angeles with Jackson. Jackson trained Wade to keep their sexual relationship a secret.

Exchanging Jewelry for Sex (04:29)

Stefanie admits she and her husband got caught up in the fairytale of being friends with Jackson. James and Jackson secretly held a mock wedding ceremony.

Jackson Memorabilia (06:09)

Wade maintained constant contact with Jackson after returning home to Australia. They talked on the phone and corresponded through text. Joy felt she had her own friendship with Jackson.

Introduction to Pornography (06:57)

Jackson put Wade in his campaign for L.A. Gear shoes and flew him and his mom out to Los Angeles. On this trip, Jackson introduced Wade to heterosexual adult imagery. Joy refused to leave Wade with Jackson.

End of Robson Family (07:44)

Joy managed Wade's dance career in Australia. Dennis was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and his mental health declined. Jackson helped Joy, Wade, and Chantal move to the U.S.

Macaulay Culkin (03:49)

Upon moving to the U.S., Joy realized Wade had been replaced as Jackson's best friend.

Studio City Apartment (08:23)

Jackson gave James access to alcohol and porn. In September of 1992, James was pushed aside by Jackson. Jackson continued to abuse Wade but saw him less.

Credits: Leaving Neverland: Part 1 (03:46)

Credits: Leaving Neverland: Part 1

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Produced and directed by Dan Reed (HBO’s Emmy®-nominated Three Days of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks and Terror at the Mall, the two-part documentary Leaving Neverland explores the separate but parallel experiences of two young boys, James “Jimmy” Safechuck, at age ten, and Wade Robson, at age seven, both of whom were befriended by Michael Jackson. They and their families were invited into his wondrous world, entranced by the singer’s fairy-tale existence as his career reached its peak. Through gut-wrenching interviews with Safechuck, now 37, and Robson, now 41, as well as their mothers, wives and siblings, Leaving Neverland crafts a portrait of sustained abuse, exploring the complicated feelings that led both men to confront their experiences after both had a young son of their own.

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