Segments in this Video

New York City Fire Department (02:32)


Firefighters reflect on responding to emergencies and coming together in times of need.

Engine Co. 55 and "The Rock" (04:29)

Actor Steve Buscemi visits the firehouse of the department he once worked for. He and several others discuss becoming firefighters; see footage from the FDNY training academy.

First Responders (06:02)

Firefighters recall their first job. They discuss responding to fire calls and dangerous situations; intuition is part of firefighting.

Firehouse Culture (04:41)

Discussion is important after returning from a call. Firefighters discuss the firehouse kitchen and camaraderie; teasing is a tradition.

Minority Firefighters (04:44)

Firefighters discuss women receiving the right to test in the 1970s, African American firefighters, and resistance; Rochelle "Rocky" Jones recalls a hostile work environment and eventually promoting to captain.

Deadly Environment (05:06)

Vincent Dunn and Terry Golway recall the 23rd St fire of 1966 in which 12 firefighters died. Firefighters discuss compartmentalizing and other deadly fires.

"The War Years" (02:58)

Firefighters recall the high number of fires, aggressive approaches, and the introduction of breathing masks. Chuck and Joe Downey discuss working with their father.

Fire Victims and PTSD (09:05)

Firefighters recall their first loss of life experience and the Happy Land fire. Constant exposure to traumatic events has an accumulative affect. Harriett Duren recalls jumping from a fourth story window after an explosion.

September 11, 2001 (10:29)

Firefighters discuss losing co-workers and loved ones, and coping with the aftermath. Buscemi recalls rejoining Engine Co. 55 to help at Ground Zero.

9/11 Health Consequences (05:44)

Over 60 firefighters have died of cancer and others struggle with their health. The FDNY places the names of 12 more firefighters on the World Trade Center Memorial Wall. Firefighters reflect on their calling and personal growth.

Credits: A Good Job: the Story of FDNY (01:46)

Credits: A Good Job: the Story of FDNY

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A Good Job: Stories of the FDNY

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Premiering just three days before the 13th anniversary of 9/11, this one-hour documentary takes viewers inside the New York City Fire Department to illuminate the lives of the often “strong and silent” heroes who put themselves at risk to protect residents and serve the city. Through behind-the-scenes footage and interviews conducted by award-winning actor Steve Buscemi – a former firefighter with Engine Company 55 in downtown Manhattan – the film touches on the personal journeys of several current and former firefighters while revisiting some of the FDNY’s milestones, including the integration of women and people of color, the “War Years” of the ‘60s and ‘70s, the 1966 fire at Wonder Drug (a drugstore in which 12 firefighters died), the arsonist-ignited Happy Land Social Club fire of 1990 (87 victims), and the tragedy of 9/11 and its long-lasting impact on the FDNY. The film features candid photos, rare video footage from the last five decades, Buscemi’s own pictures and videos from 9/11, and interviews with a number of firefighters, including members of #55 and former FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano. A Good Job is a genuine, raw and emotional look at the sacrifices firefighters make, the challenges they face, and reveals why the FDNY family truly lasts forever.

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