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Trucking Industry (05:28)


Krishna Andavolu rides in an autonomous semi. Chuck Price recognizes the disruptive technology in an industry that employs 1.8 million people. He talks with truck drivers and shows them the truck.

Human/Work Relationship (03:00)

Advanced technology is a tool that increasing power and income, but has not improved bottom wages. Advancements may pose a threat to geopolitical stability.

Fast Food Industry (02:07)

The industry employs over 3.5 million people. The Cali Group wants to make stores operate more like the internet; robots work the grill. John Miller discusses the benefits of automation.

Cobotics (05:29)

Amazon fulfillment centers use thousands of AI powered cobots. The company has created almost 300,000 jobs since the introduction of robotics in 2012. Jav discusses working with robots and the stowing process.

Robotic Hand Dexterity (03:39)

Amazon holds college team competitions; improving grasp is difficult. MIT and Harvard reveal the grabber concept. Economics Professor Austan Goolsbee reflects on changes in retail.

Equal Opportunity Disruptor (02:49)

Advanced technologies can impact all job levels. Experts discuss the computer's ability to make judgement calls. Machine learning occurs within preset rules or with artificial neural networks.

LawGeex (04:21)

The company's AI engine reviews legal contracts and flags potential issues. Lawyer Tunji Williams and the AI system compete on two NDA reviews.

Medical Technology (02:22)

Dr. Santiago Horgan discusses the benefits of robotic surgery. Physician's assistants and technicians are more involved with procedures. Machine learning may be able to identify cancerous tissues.

Machine Learning and Finance (05:06)

Goldman Sachs leverages AI predictive capabilities to increase profits. Experts reflect on industry changes and job creation. Michael Moynihan receives an algorithm demonstration.

Per Scholas (04:16)

The organization provides free IT job training. Students reflect on job market shifts and education. The federal government has a history of funding workforce retraining programs; President Trump signs the Pledge to America's Workers.

Worker Education and Training (03:01)

The Trump Administration wants to see private industry fill the investment void. Toyota commits to 200,000 enhanced career opportunities.

Goal Identification (03:42)

Toyota employees consider the desire for retraining; it requires more work to stay current. Andrew Yang discusses market brainwashing and suggests issuing dividends.

Universal Basic Income (04:35)

Mayor Michael Tubbs launches a pilot program in Stockton, CA. He discusses long-term job goals and city revitalization. Economics Professor Daron Acemoglu offers program criticism.

Technology and Society (03:39)

Experts reflect on challenges, social division, and identity; prosperous workers are necessary for a prosperous economy. DSW trucking CEO Don Schrader considers the impact of autonomous trucks.

Credits: Vice Special Report: The Future of Work (00:55)

Credits: Vice Special Report: The Future of Work

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The next Industrial Revolution is upon us, and the way we work in 2019 is already unrecognizable to previous generations. Whole industries are in the process of being automated, with workers being replaced by AI and algorithms – and America is only now grappling with the huge questions raised by this shift. Produced in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations, VICE Special Report: The Future of Work examines how radical developments in automation and artificial intelligence are set to change the world of work as we know it. Hosted by VICE News correspondent Krishna Andavolu, with contributions from correspondents Gianna Toboni and Michael Moynihan, the special looks at how entire industries are being disrupted, and how these changes are upending the global economy. Over the course of an hour, VICE correspondents sit down with a wide variety of experts – including Nobel Laureate economists, CEOs, and workers whose jobs will radically change in the years to come – documenting how industries that long seemed immune from automation, such as fast food, contract law and long-haul trucking, are rapidly being automated, with workers replaced by AI and algorithms.

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