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Performance Testing (01:26)


Retailers go to great lengths to ensure the garments they sell live up to certain standards of quality and to meet the claims made about the garments.

Performance Testing: Is It Waterproof? (02:44)

Prior to garments reaching retail outlets, fabrics are put to the test to ensure product claims can be backed up. Fabrics with polyurethane (PU) coating must be waterproof. Viewers watch a number of different fabric tests.

Performance Testing: Is It Breathable? (02:26)

Manufacturers have developed fabrics that are both waterproof and breathable. To do this, they use a special coating with tiny pores too small to let raindrops in, but big enough to let sweat out. Viewers observe breathability tests.

Performance Testing: Is It Windproof? (03:24)

Wind increases evaporation, making temperatures feel much colder--this is called the wind chill factor. Viewers observe a number of wind-proofing tests on jacket fabric.

Performance Testing: Moisture Management (01:51)

In the lab, a t-shirt that claims to be "wickable" is tested for its ability to move moisture away from a person's body.

Performance Testing: Is It Fireproof? (03:30)

The wrong fabric in, say, children's pajamas could cause fatalities near fire. All the different components of the fabric must be tested. Samples of furnishing fabric and foam fail the tests by catching fire and burning freely.

Physical Testing (01:12)

Clothing that holds up well with wear usually satisfies customers, and they are likely to return to purchase more. The clothing undergoes a "workout" to see how tough the garments really are.

Physical Testing: Abrasion & Pilling (03:04)

A special, programmable machine called the Martindale machine is specifically designed to test wear and tear on fabrics. How much will a fabric pill or abrade when rubbed? Results are graded in industry-standard standard light boxes.

Physical Testing: Tearing & Bursting (01:46)

Special machines test materials by pulling them apart. The ability of fabric to stay intact is of critical importance for clothing, upholstery, and more.

Physical Testing: Tensile Strength (00:49)

The tensile strength of fabric is its breaking point. In a special machine, fabric is pulled until it splits apart or breaks. The procedure is repeated a number of times to get an average for the results.

Physical Testing: Burst Strength (01:30)

To test a fabric's burst strength, the fabric is subjected to intense air pressure. Viewers observe this testing procedure.

Credits: Testing Textiles (00:23)

Credits: Testing Textiles

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Testing Textiles

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Retailers go to great lengths to ensure the garments they sell live up to certain standards of quality—anything less would mean returned purchases and the risk of losing repeat business. This program shows technicians conducting a variety of performance and physical-wear tests on fabrics. Jackets are assessed for waterproofing, breathability, windproofing, and warmth. T-shirts that promise to wick sweat away from the body are tested for moisture management, and nightwear, sofas, and beds must be flame-resistant. Equipment that simulates common human movements is used to make sure that fashion fabrics will not easily abrade, pill, or tear. Part of the series Get Into Textiles. (25 minutes)

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