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Printing: Screen Printing (03:03)


A 500-year-old art, screen printing can put patterns on just about anything. Viewers learn each step of setting up for screen printing. For larger orders, the process is automated.

Printing: Roller Screen Printing (01:54)

In this process of screen printing, the screens come in cylinders. For any process, spotting errors early saves money. A roller screen can produce a km of printed fabric in one hour.

Printing: Flocking (01:09)

Patterns are first roller-screen printed on fabric. Then they pass under a snowstorm of tiny filaments. It is cured in a high-temperature oven. Flocking appears on many surfaces such as greeting cards and CD covers.

Printing: Transfer Printing (03:11)

Transfer printing involves the transference of a pattern or print from one material to another. A roll of pre-printed fabric is put into a machine and pressed together with the fabric Transfer prints are more colorful and complex in design.

Dyeing: Color Matching (01:04)

In order to get the best and most consistent colors, all single-colored cottons are dyed at the garment stage. Multi-colored garments are dyed at the yarn stage. Yarns and threads must be dyed evenly.

Dye Matching (02:22)

It takes an expert's eye to visually inspect a yarn sample and compare it to the factory's attempt to match the color.

Dyeing: Mass Production (04:06)

In a dye factory, the technical manager makes sure that jobs pass through the factory quickly and efficiently, and that every batch of fabric meets strict quality control standards. Every process must be reproducible.

Dyeing: Quality Control (04:33)

Sample fabrics are tested for shrinkage, colorfastness, and other qualities noted on the garment's care label. Every test of the fabric must fall within specified tolerances to pass quality control checks.

Dyeing: Environmental Challenges (02:27)

Every day the textile industry produces millions of liters of waste products. Waste water and other fluids are treated at the factories prior to being released into public systems.

Credits: Textiles: Dyeing and Printing (00:25)

Credits: Textiles: Dyeing and Printing

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Textiles: Dyeing and Printing

Part of the Series : Get Into Textiles: Design, Manufacture, and Use in the 21st Century (8 Parts)
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Computerization has taken fabric printing to new levels, allowing for more designs, more colors, and softer fabrics, all at a lower cost. This program explores technological advances in printing and dyeing, giving viewers a detailed look at flatbed, carousel, roller-screen, and transfer methods of producing patterns on cloth. Digital color matching, use of an atmospheric jet machine for batch dyeing of fabric, quality control to test for shrinkage and colorfastness, and environmentally sound practices to dispose of dyeing products are all covered. Part of the series Get Into Textiles. (25 minutes)

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