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Digital Printing (04:35)


Digital printing is a far more flexible process than screen printing. Digital printing machines are similar to digital ink-jet printers but on a much larger scale. Designers are not limited by color or design patterns.

Printing Technology and Design (03:42)

With new textile printing technology, designers had to rethink their design processes. Scanned images broaden the designer's options. Images are cleaned up and new colors added to brighten scanned images.

Laser Technology (02:56)

In the textile industry lasers have revolutionized how fabrics are cut. "Anything that can be drawn with a pencil can be cut with a laser." Computers precisely control the movement, speed, and intensity of the laser.

Designing for Laser Technology (02:32)

A textile designer works with a design idea and adapts it for laser cutting. Once the basic design is approved by the customer, the designer expands the complexity of the image. Designs are manipulated to reach specified price points.

Computer Aided Knitting (03:02)

Knitting machines are fully computerized, and mechanical problems are at a minimum. With CAD technology, new designs take only a few hours. Increased design complexity adds to production costs.

Advantages of Automated Knitting (02:43)

The speed of product to market is the greatest advantage of computer aided knitting. One-piece knitting lowers costs. Finished garments provide more flexibility and comfort for wearers.

Computer Aided Embroidery (05:12)

With an integrated CAD/CAM system, a customer's design is turned into digital files and approved. It could then go into production the next day. Virtual garments now take the place of finished samples.

Credits: CAD/CAM in Textile Manufacturing (00:34)

Credits: CAD/CAM in Textile Manufacturing

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CAD/CAM in Textile Manufacturing

Part of the Series : Get Into Textiles: Design, Manufacture, and Use in the 21st Century (8 Parts)
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Computer-aided design and manufacturing has replaced the old-fashioned screen process of transferring designs onto fabric, giving textile artists more flexibility while reducing overhead costs. In this program, designers at RA Smart demonstrate how CAD and CAM technology is used for joining, engraving, printing, and cutting fabrics. The video also investigates computer-aided knitting at the Glenbrae Knitwear factory—where comfortable, seamless, one-piece knitted garments are manufactured for golf pros—and computer-aided embroidery for creation of unique logos and customer samples in record time. Part of the series Get Into Textiles. (26 minutes)

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