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ICT in Fashion Design (02:19)


Viewers visit a London-based fashion house, where designers use ICT tools--sketching and visualization software and digital pattern--makers, plotters, and printers--to easily explore different color and style combinations.

Computer Storage (02:27)

Once a designer has sourced her ideas and made preliminary sketches, she transfers them into a design package. Computers can store almost an infinite number of design templates.

Designer Collections (03:30)

As well as specializing in fast turnarounds, a London fashion house is also known for its number of printed fabrics. A designer demonstrates how she changes colors in a collection to match different customer tastes.

ICT in Pattern Making (03:30)

Once a design is finished, a unique design name and number, information to make the garment, and more are sent to a pattern cutter to make the prototype. Changes made on the physical item are translated onto the pattern pieces.

Design Software Packages (02:10)

To digitize the newly shaped pattern pieces, a computer aided design (CAD) package is linked to a digital plotting device. The finer points of digitizing are done by hand on the computer.

ICT in Pattern Laying and Cutting (03:12)

Pattern cutters take virtual pattern pieces and cut them out of the designer's chosen material. For some garments the cutting is entirely automated. Pattern layout must use the minimum amount of material.

Making a Finished Sample (03:18)

This part of the design process is speeded up with the use of marker software, digital printers, digital pattern storage, and computer controlled cutting tables.

ICT in Grading and Sizing (05:40)

A massive survey in the UK scanned thousands of men and women's shapes to chart changes in size and shape of consumers. Designers take shape and size data into account. Manufacturers restructure mannequins.

Credits: ICT in Textiles: Design, Practice, and Process (00:17)

Credits: ICT in Textiles: Design, Practice, and Process

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ICT in Textiles: Design, Practice, and Process

Part of the Series : Get Into Textiles: Design, Manufacture, and Use in the 21st Century (8 Parts)
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Information and communication technology is changing the fashion industry by helping make design, development, and sampling of textiles more efficient. This program takes viewers inside Coppernob, a London-based fashion house, where designers use ICT tools—sketching and visualization software and digital patternmakers, plotters, and printers—to easily explore different color and style combinations. Technology also allows for quick communication of new ideas and even for the creation of physical mock-ups, meaning that design houses can more frequently offer new collections to the public. Part of the series Get Into Textiles. (27 minutes)

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