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Disaster Capitalism: Introduction (02:09)


Most people believe disaster relief will help rebuild the lives of those most in need. Antony Loewenstein investigates the combination of aid, politics, and business in Afghanistan, Haiti, and Papua New Guinea.

Afghanistan: Natural Resources (03:12)

The Afghani government depends on international aid, but it has increased the power of criminals and insurgents. Loewenstein investigates whether untapped mineral resources could end war; Javed Noorani teaches Afghans how to exert mining rights.

Afghanistan: Aynak (04:30)

Loewenstein wears a shalwar kameez when traveling. He meets with village elders in Davo to discuss the negative impacts of copper mining. Noorani discusses land confiscation and perceptions of police.

Afghanistan: Economy (04:50)

The economy is on the verge of collapse; security is the major issue. Loewenstein visits struggling businesses in Bush's Market. Kate Clark discusses the shifting political landscape; the elites expect a permanent American presence.

Afghanistan: Ministry of Mines (02:52)

Loewenstein struggles to find anyone willing to talk about the Afghani government and mining; he and his crew are ordered to leave. Noorani expresses fears about the country's mineral resources.

Afghanistan: SIGAR (03:13)

The Afghani government has done little to address corruption and fraud. Special Inspector General John Sopko discusses the amount of foreign aid the U.S. has provided to Afghanistan and accountability.

Haiti: Foreign Aid (05:06)

U.N. troops support relief efforts after an earthquake devastates Haiti in 2010, but expose civilians to cholera. Ruth Jean-Pierre discusses displacement camps. President Michel Martelly introduces a reconstruction plan in 2011; Patrick Elie criticizes international influence.

Haiti: "Open for Business" (03:31)

Finance ministry representatives pitch plans to business leaders. The United States backs the Caracol Industrial Park; Timothy Schwartz criticizes the deal.

Haiti: Government Industrial Park System (03:49)

Factories cater to foreign companies. INDEPCO Director Hans Garoute discusses the Caracol development plan. Jean-Pierre discusses working in the garment factory, she is now an entrepreneur.

Haiti: Poverty (02:21)

The number of slums significantly increases after the 2010 earthquake. All housing construction programs are linked to industrial parks. Loewenstein reflects Haiti's political and economic state.

Papua New Guinea: Bougainville Island (03:23)

The country has an abundance of natural resources but exploitation results in little return. Loewenstein and locals discuss mining history and its environmental impact; residents want governments and Rio Tinto to take responsibility.

Papua New Guinea: Rebellion (03:58)

Mining practices are the impetus for the Separatist Revolution. Locals work to heal trauma and end dependency on foreign aid. Lowenstein visits several graves.

Papua New Guinea: Mine Reopening (05:38)

The country receives over $500 million a year from Australia. Locals reflect on restoring identity. Government officials are considering a return to large-scale mining; potential reopening divides the community.

Economic Chaos (02:44)

In Afghanistan, Noorani works on an anti-corruption task force; mineral resources are an option for funding. In Haiti, President Jovenel Moise promises government supervision of foreign spending, but little has changed.

Credits: Disaster Capitalism (01:06)

Credits: Disaster Capitalism

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When international aid meets business, where does the money injected really go and who really gains? A 5 year investigative journey traveling to Haiti, Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea which reveals the pitfalls of international aid money and uncovers the ramifications of disaster capitalism. This eye opening film gives hints on alternative models empowering locally those most affected and will leave viewers provoked. Best-selling journalist and author Antony Loewenstein joins award-winning filmmaker Thor Neureiter through the world of shady miners, resilient locals and secretive governments.

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