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Introduction: AI vs Human Brain: The Final Showdown (01:31)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of artificial intelligence and its role in society.

Machine Competitors (04:51)

In 1997, chess champion Garry Kasparov competes against Deep Blue. In 2016, go champion Lee Sedol competes against AlphaGo. In 2017, poker champions compete against Libratus; the program learns the game from scratch.

Artificial Intelligence (07:35)

Marvin Lee Minsky and John McCarthy help develop the concept of AI in 1956. Today, AI is an integral part of many companies, including Facebook. Yann LeCun discusses the goal of FAIR; image recognition programs undergo deep learning.

AI Applications (06:24)

In 2011, IBM's Watson beats two "Jeopardy" champions. IBM develops Watson for application in many areas including medicine; experts partner with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Ajay Royyuru discusses Watson and healthcare data.

AI and Psychiatry (04:07)

Researchers develop the MultiSense system to analyze patients for mental health concerns within five minutes; it trains on 300 individuals. Louis-Philippe Morency discusses behavior indicators; MultiSense identifies previously unknown recurrent symptomatic signs.

Autonomous Vehicles (05:30)

NuTonomy employees develop an AI program that learns how to drive a car. Karl Iagnemma discusses sensors on self-driving cars and the future of the industry; decision-making is the core challenge of software development. Most countries require a safety drive in the car.

AI Upheavals (06:13)

Yoshua Bengio believes AI will usher in an industrial revolution that will have a severe impact on the labor market. A Japanese advertising agency develops an artificial creative director to help create commercials; it launches a contest to test its effectiveness.

AI Interactions (08:04)

AI experts believe chatbots will have larger roles in our personal lives. Pepper's communication skills are the result of talented programmers. Robots do not understand the world around them and the teaching process takes a long time.

Unsupervised Training and AGI (04:05)

Researchers are developing a method that allows a machine to teach itself about the world around it by looking at the internet. Experts discuss the concepts of artificial general intelligence and machine super intelligence.

AI Progress (03:43)

LeCunn believes the future of AI will allow more focus on human-to-human interaction and the arts. AI has the potential for good, but transition involves some risk, including societal division.

Credits: AI vs Human Brain: The Final Showdown (00:31)

Credits: AI vs Human Brain: The Final Showdown

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AI vs Human Brain: The Final Showdown

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In May 2014, physicist Stephen Hawking and leading scientists sent warning notes about AI uncontrolled development which could seriously threaten humanity. Between fantasy and reality, this film aims at clarifying what AI is really about today and how far it has been developed. Should we take these warnings seriously?

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