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Biotechnology (03:03)


Biotech can be found in medicine, industry, and agriculture. Dr. Jens Schrader and Dr. Thomas Haas discuss genetic engineering and building value chains. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research sends a mobile biotechnology center across Germany.

Maize Plastic (02:33)

A company in Germany produces 140,000 tons annually; learn about the process. Polylactic acid is renewable and biodegradable. Companies in North America, Europe, Japan, and the Asia-Pacific region create everyday objects from bioplastic.

Genetic Engineering (05:00)

Schrader discusses the roots of biotechnology; decisive factors include DNA decoding and sequencing, and gene scissors. Genetics allows specific cell modification in the chemical industry. Escherichia coli and baker's yeast are "workhorse" microorganisms.

Cleaning Products (03:52)

Manufacturers use biotechnological additives like citric acid, enzymes, and surfactants in their products. Dr. Hans Henning Wenk discusses biosurfactants.

Red Biotechnology (02:55)

In 2015, Germany has nearly 400 companies operating in biopharmaceuticals. Only living organisms can produce active biomolecules in 3D form. Experts discuss the production of insulin.

Biopharmaceutical Active Ingredients (02:46)

Researchers find diverse and complicated structures in seabed organisms. Red biotechnology focuses include personalized medicine, stem-cell research, vaccines, and gene therapy. Expert discuss genetic engineering and cloning.

White Biotechnology (02:29)

Bioplastic granulate arrives at Huhtamaki where workers produce disposable tableware; Italy, France, Great Britian, the Netherlands, and Germany are main customers. Experts discuss processing polypropylene and PET.

Green Biotechnology (03:39)

Classical biotechnology and genetic engineering are different. Experts discuss the optimization of plants and the cisgenic method. The WWF and Greenpeace believe genetically modified plants put global food security at risk.

Industrial Biotechnology (01:45)

Haas reflects on perceptions of white biotechnology. Amino acids are not carriers of genetically modified material and are used in feed additives and cosmetics.

Bioplastic Containers (02:34)

PLA products are ready for delivery. Experts discuss product appearance, production cost, and waste management; the market for bioplastic is steadily increasing.

Biotechnological Developments (07:26)

Dr. Rico Czaja searches for new microorganisms and genetic information in many places. C-LEcta employees process samples for DNA and enzymatic activity. The mobile biotechnological center educates students about biotechnology. Experts discuss the impact of biotechnology.

Biotechnology Industry (01:27)

The industry employs nearly 40,000 people in Germany. Experts reflect on the industry's future and realistic expectations. (Credits)

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Developing new medicines, breeding better plant varieties, making cleaning supplies more efficient – biotechnology uses natural cellular and bimolecular processes to develop new technologies or improve existing products. In this film, we look at some of the most promising products being developed now and explore some of the potential dangers. The biotech industry can be divided into three main sections: medicine and pharmaceuticals, industry and agriculture, and plant biotechnology. Examples include single-use cutlery made out of maize, plants with an inbuilt resistance to pests, and heart valves and cartilage that can be cultivated artificially. The possibilities seem endless, because modern biotechnology goes a decisive step further than previous methods. But as this film reveals, the targeted use of microorganisms is extremely complex and there are fears this technology can be misused.

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