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Apprehending a Criminal (05:51)


This episode will examine issues of privacy. Individuals debate the ethical ramifications of the police scanning a hospital database of DNA to find a murderer. Informed consent is necessary for transparency.

Informed Consent (04:19)

Individuals debate the ethical ramifications of a law that requires everyone to submit to DNA testing to find criminals. People could feel coerced.

Data Monitoring (08:07)

Health insurance companies now offer Fitbit's to their clientele. Individuals debate the ethical ramifications of a company asking individuals to wear devices to monitor their lifestyle, activity, alcohol intake, and diet. Data collected cannot be guaranteed safe; there is a connection between privacy and secrets.

Secrecy (05:29)

Michael Sandel describes an incident that happened at a Chicago Uber launch party. Individuals debate whether the "God's Eye View" or "Stalker's View" displays were morally acceptable. The data collection Uber harvests cannot be protected.

Value to Privacy (06:30)

Eric Schmidt believes that one should cease doing whatever one wants to keep secret. Individuals debate the ethical ramifications of having all information and data public.

Internet Advertisements (03:34)

Individuals debate whether personalized ads are a violation of one's privacy. Companies such as google, Facebook , and g-mail sell client's data to make a profit. Individuals can opt-out and pay a monthly fee instead of receiving ads.

Unauthorized Release of Data (04:59)

Sandel polls the students to discover if they prefer to keep secret the movies they watch, books they read, or places they go. Corporations now have more concentrated power than the state. It is difficult to define the value of privacy.

Explaining Privacy (04:17)

Giving information to a company might seem harmless, but individuals do not know who the corporation is sharing the data with. Being vulnerable helps people connect. Privacy is seen as a value when one is under threat from a potential foe. (Credits)

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Episode 5: Privacy (What's The Right Thing To Do)

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Virtually no other subject has gained more attention in recent years than privacy. When is there an example of the violation of privacy? And what does privacy really mean?

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