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Income Equality (08:19)


Cristiano Renaldo dos Santos Aveiro earns 2,000 times more than what an average school teacher makes annually. Individuals debate whether it is a fair arrangement. There is a difference between talent and hard work.

False Hope (03:56)

Not many people will become as good as Renaldo in soccer. Individuals debate whether hope is crucial to human development or can be dangerous. Not everyone has the same starting conditions and people who work hard cannot always succeed.

Starting Point (06:06)

The market determines what is valuable in society. Individuals debate discrepancies between fairness and deserving with regard to success. It is impossible to create a system that is completely fair; stronger people need to help the weaker.

Meritocracy vs. Aristocracy (09:45)

Each has a different basis for in-equality but both are morally arbitrary. Individuals debate the benefits and drawbacks of both socio-economic systems. Everyone is victim to some type of inequality and born with different talents.

Society Values (06:42)

Different civilizations reward different types of talents. Individuals debate the benefits and drawbacks to a meritocracy and a lottery-based form of government. It is more dangerous for a society to be hopeless.

Owing to Others (07:52)

Individuals debate how those who are in the upper-echelon of society should behave and react toward others who are not as fortunate. Sandel explores questions of utility, moral desert, and fairness. There is rising inequality between the rich and poor. (Credits)

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Episode 4: Inequality (What's The Right Thing To Do)

Part of the Series : What's the Right Thing to Do?
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Is it justified that professional athletes earn exponentially more than elementary school teachers? Professor Sandel conducts a discussion with the participants, including Jeroen Woe and Philip Huff, about the ever-increasing gap between the poor and rich.

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