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Hiring Practices (05:16)


This episode will examine whether discrimination is always unjust. Individuals debate whether only hiring those who are beautiful is morally correct. Wearing short skirts brings in better tips; service jobs require customer interactions.

Racial Hiring Practices (02:35)

Not every form of discrimination is the same. Individuals discuss their reactions to the the first section of the debate.

Banning Lookism (05:47)

Lookism is far more subjective than racism. Companies want to maximize their profits so they present a certain style. Individuals discuss their personal experiences with prejudice.

Sexism (06:48)

Norms have changed within the past 50 years with regards to women in the workplace. Not everyone have the same rights and need to be protected. Guidelines could be established to prevent sexism.

Positive Discrimination (09:39)

Individuals debate giving ethnically diverse candidates an advantage when applying for the police academy. It is good to introduce temporary measures to help those disadvantaged; citizens do not trust the system because it is not representative of their communities. Being the beneficiary can make one feel demeaned or patronized.

Racial Profiling (05:38)

Individuals debate whether people should be pulled over on the basis of race. There cannot be a society if its citizens do not believe they are being treated equally. Statistics of crimes based on race are a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Airport Security (03:15)

Individuals argue whether racial profiling is a useful tool at airports. People should be asked more questions if they fit a potential threat.

Conclusion: Discrimination. (03:57)

Passions are stirred when discussing racial profiling, positive discrimination, and workplace discrimination. Most people are in favor of treating everyone equally. (Credits)

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Episode 3: Discrimination (What's The Right Thing To Do?)

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Is discrimination always unjustified? Danny Ghosen, Hajar Alariachi and others go in search of an answer to the question: To what extent can and must you treat people equally?

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