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Introduction: Robotization (04:51)


Michael Sandel wonders if machines can out-think the human race. Individuals debate whether a machine will be able to perform their jobs.

Robot Doctor (03:32)

The majority of those polled would have a robot read their medical imaging but would not allow it to perform surgery. Many call centers use chat-bots as a primary interaction tool. Jeroen Roe worries a computer does not have respect for human life.

No Harm to Human Life (04:26)

The ethical code of conduct states that robots should never harm human beings, but they do not have a sense of morality or justice. A dispassionate robot may better assess when to terminate care.

Programmed to Make Moral Judgments (07:25)

Mandel poses a hypothetical question about programming a driver-less car to avoid three people in a crosswalk but killing the passenger. Most feel that those who obey the traffic laws should not be held accountable. The minority discusses how they could not live with knowing that three people died so they could live.

Marriage Prediction App (09:45)

Netflix uses an algorithm to determine what movies are recommended. Individuals debate whether they would trust a computer program or their parents in locating a potential spouse. There is an irreplaceable human element that the computer could not match or detect.

Stand-up Comedy (05:40)

Personal relationships would be impoverished if algorithms became that good. Individuals debate if computers could evolve and change as artists do. Art is a reflection of human life and connections.

Digital Avatars (04:39)

Websites enable individuals to upload everything online to create a virtual version of themselves to communicate with bereaved loved ones. Grief, heartbreak, and sadness are essential to humanity. Individuals need imperfection to learn.

Conclusion: Robotization (02:28)

Mandel summarizes how important awkwardness, sweaty palms, heartbreak, discomfort, and grief are to the human experience. Participants discuss what they learned from the debate.

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Can machines and robots take over the work of humans? The participants discuss the moral boundaries of robotization and artificial intelligence.

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