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Introduction: Public Housing Influenced by a 1970s Experiment (01:29)


A little-known public housing program may offer insight into the growing wealth gap. “Retro Report on PBS” also covers brain injuries in professional sports, the legacy of a medical case that captivated the public, and fears of overpopulation.

Legacy of Geautreaux Lawsuit (13:00)

Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers took the fight for equality to Chicago, where housing discrimination was rampant. Some public housing residents there benefited from a pilot program that provided vouchers for renting apartments in the suburbs. Congress recently approved funds for similar efforts.

Boy in the Bubble (11:44)

David Vetter made headlines as he grew up in a sterile enclosure, struggling with severe combined immunodeficiency. Newborns are now screened for SCID, and gene therapy can save those who suffer from the disease if it is caught early.

Life-Threatening Sports (11:56)

Chris Borland retired from the National Football League after one year because of concerns about concussions. Medical professionals increasingly speak out regarding the dangers of brain trauma in the sport. Boxing came under similar fire after the death of Duk-Koo Kim in 1982.

Population Bomb (10:21)

Author Paul Ehrlich predicted that population growth would outpace the Earth’s ability to sustain human life. The Indian government launched a controversial program that encouraged mass sterilization in the 1970s. Today, many experts worry about declining birth rates and an aging population.

Science Fiction Trumps Actual Science (05:16)

Humorist Andy Borowitz lampoons the idea of a United States Space Force, as championed by Donald Trump’s administration. He also recalls Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, aka "Star Wars."

Credits: Public Housing Influenced by a 1970s Experiment (00:31)

Credits: Public Housing Influenced by a 1970s Experiment

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Public Housing Influenced by a 1970s Experiment (Retro Report on PBS)

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Public housing policy is being influenced by a 1970s experiment. Newborn tests are a legacy of a boy who spent life in a bubble. Medical professionals raise concerns about brain injuries in sports. Too few people (not too many) is a problem. Andy Borowitz takes on the Space Force.

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