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Introduction: President Trump Takes on the Press (01:17)


This episode of “Retro Report on PBS” examines President Donald Trump’s adversarial role with the press; a new public health risk that can be traced back to a fraudulent story; the man who started baseball free agency; and the standoff over wild horses in the West.

Executive Branch vs. Journalism (11:52)

Trump’s demonizing of the press may seem unprecedented, but he is just the latest president to wage war against leakers. Richard Nixon’s justice department attempted to prosecute whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg under the Espionage Act, and an Obama administration dragnet swept up journalists’ phone records.

Anti-Vaxxers and Herd Immunity (12:29)

Increasing numbers of parents are reluctant to have their children immunized due to misinformation about vaccines. Measles, whooping cough, and other diseases have made a comeback as a result. This public health crisis can be traced to a flawed study from 1998 that was later retracted.

Major League Trailblazer (12:58)

Curt Flood was branded “baseball’s Bolshevik” after he sued for the right to determine his future as a player. Before the lawsuit, a clause in player contracts bound them to the whims of a single team. Flood’s case laid the legal groundwork for modern free agency.

Mustang Overpopulation (08:56)

American wild horses were slain to make dog food until killing them became illegal 1971. Among the unintended consequence of that law is that their numbers are growing out of control, leading to tensions between the government, activists, and ranchers.

Sorry, Not Sorry (04:59)

Humorist Andy Borowitz deconstructs the American tradition of the public apology. Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and George W. Bush are among the politicians who have been forced to admit "mistakes were made." However, we may have entered a post-apology era.

Credits: President Trump Takes on the Press (00:31)

Credits: President Trump Takes on the Press

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President Trump is taking on the press with a time-tested strategy. Explore the origins of the latest measles outbreak, pro sports free agency, and the consequences of a law meant to save wild horses. Andy Borowitz celebrates the no-apology apology.

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