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Introduction: Crime-Solving with DNA Evidence (01:22)


This episode of “Retro Report on PBS” explores a new tool that forensic experts have for solving cold cases, the moral panic surrounding Dungeons & Dragons in the 1970s, the promise and peril of artificial intelligence, and a horrifying chapter in medical history.

Who Owns Genetic Information? (14:43)

An increasing number of cold cases are being solved by data that private citizens submit to DNA web sites. New Hampshire’s Bear Brook murders and the arrest of the Golden State Killer were landmark cases that raised questions about privacy rights.

Cautionary Tale of Pharmaceutical Safety (11:33)

Thalidomide was given to pregnant mothers in the late 1950s, leading to an epidemic of birth defects around the world. The drug’s manufacturer did not admit fault or apologize for 50 years. New applications for the drug have been discovered.

Gaming Scare from the 1970s (11:31)

Fundamentalist Christians once blamed the fantasy roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons, for driving youth insane and encouraging devil worship. Today, the game is seen as a viable antidote to screen time, one that encourages kids to use their imaginations.

Will Computers Take Over? (09:40)

Many worry about the future of artificial intelligence because of dystopian science fiction such as “2001” and “The Terminator.” PBS revisits a battle between a supercomputer and a chess grand master and gauges the possibility of future robot overlords.

Not So Big Reveals (05:09)

Humorist Andy Borowitz commemorates the 40th anniversary of the first 24-hour news network. He revisits achievements in “no-news,” from Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s (alleged) vault to Rachel Maddow’s anticlimactic report on Donald Trump’s taxes.

Credits: Crime-Solving with DNA Evidence (00:31)

Credits: Crime-Solving with DNA Evidence

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Retro Report on PBS reports on solving crimes with DNA evidence, drug regulations that stem from a devastating pill, robot ambivalence, and role-playing games as a solution to screen addiction. Andy Borowitz lampoons “no-news.”

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