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Urban Marsupials (07:48)


This episode of “Magical Land of Oz” explores how human expansion has impacted the lives of Australia’s wildlife. The brushtail possum thrives in the teeming metropolis of Melbourne; but this normally solitary animal must adapt to sharing the city’s few trees.

Do the Rumble Rump (06:09)

A suburban garden is an ideal environment for the peacock spider. Males emit vibrations and perform an elaborate courtship dance in order to attract females of their species. However, males who fail to impress may be eaten.

Metropolitan Reptile (06:18)

Eastern water dragons prosper in the green oases of Brisbane. They lead a good life in city parks, with abundant food and watering holes and few natural predators. There is conflict as a dominant male is irritated by a younger lizard.

Invasive Canines (05:31)

As night falls on Sydney, red foxes venture out onto the city’s beaches. They are not native to Australia, having been imported from England for sport hunting. They have contributed to the decline of numerous native species.

Mechanized Oasis (09:53)

In the deserts of Western Australia, where temperatures reach 120 degrees, dingoes are drawn to the sights and sounds of a mining operation. One pack lays claim to a shale heap that overlooks the site. They enjoy water and shade, which are scarce on the arid plains.

Fish Crossing (03:35)

Yellowtail grunters wait out the dry season in small, ever-decreasing pools. Flash floods provide the opportunity to disperse, but the Great Northern Highway creates an obstacle to their travels. Terns capitalize as vulnerable fish wiggle across the road.

Dehydrated Marsupials (07:42)

Summers are getting tougher in the farmlands of New South Wales because of global climate change. Heatwaves and other adverse conditions threaten koalas in the region. The chemical composition of eucalyptus leaves is changing, forcing koalas to seek hydration elsewhere.

Conservation Success Story (07:14)

Holiday homes have been removed from Phillip Island to make way for the little penguins that breed there. It is part of efforts to protect the once endangered species. The colony’s population has tripled since the 1980s.

Credits: Human (00:30)

Credits: Human

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Magical Land of Oz explores how Australia’s mesmerizing wildlife has adapted to survive in the human environment, including a flamboyant dancing peacock spider in a suburban garden.

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