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Introduction: Land (01:31)


“Magical Land of Oz” visits Australia’s far corners to showcase landscapes and wildlife. Among the country’s most unusual residents are spiders that dance, birds that spread fire, and marsupials that prefer hopping to running.

Monotremes (05:03)

Echidnas live in the cold, elevated regions of southern Australia. They can regulate body temperature to conserve energy and require less food. Echidnas share characteristics with platypuses; they are the world’s only egg-laying and milk-bearing mammals.

Marsupials (04:52)

The most familiar pouched mammal in Australia is the eastern gray kangaroo. Males mark their territory with sticky secretions from their chests and compete for females. Joeys hitch a ride in their mothers’ pouches.

Persecuted Predators (04:24)

The Tasmanian tiger was hunted to extinction in the early 1900s. The wedge-tailed eagle has come close to that fate, having been hunted for their reputation for killing lambs. They are now protected.

Banded Anteater (06:20)

The Dryandra Woodland is one of the last refuges for the shy and secretive numbat. The closest living relative to the Tasmanian tiger lives on a diet of termites. They are rarer than snow leopards and giant pandas.

Canopy Dwellers (11:54)

A remnant of the world’s oldest rainforest runs along Australia’s northeast coast. This region is home to rare tree kangaroos and birds-of-paradise. Eclectus parrots and sulfur-crested cockatoos compete for nesting space. Palm cockatoos are known for intelligence and longevity.

Apex Predator (06:39)

Summer floods and winter fires shape Australia’s northern monsoon region. Saltwater crocodiles patrol tidal rivers. Casanova has learned to associate the sound of approaching boats with dinner. March flies dine on crocodile blood.

Aquatic Arachnids (06:17)

The Northern Territory is home to one of the most remote communities in Australia. Tarantulas live in burrows along the flood plains. Hairs on their bodies trap air bubbles, allowing them to survive underwater.

Birds of Prey (07:09)

Indigenous people have conducted controlled burns in the Northern Territory for thousands of years. Black kites are drawn to the smoke, knowing they can gorge on insects and small creatures fleeing the flames. They will carry embers to spread the fire.

Credits: Land (00:30)

Credits: Land

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This episode of Magical Land of Oz presents an exploration of one of the most magical lands on the planet. Its unique wildlife includes a tree-dwelling kangaroo, a spider that survives underwater, and a bird that spreads fire.

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