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Magical Land of Oz

The Series Includes : Land | Ocean | Human
3-Year Streaming Price: $509.85



Across Australia, as the dawn rises the marsupials go to bed - except for the ones that don't - because there are exceptions to every rule in this land of ancient wonders, big skies and jeweled seas. Magic does not have rules. It has splendid dragons, saltwater monsters and dancing spiders. The Magical Land of Oz offers a blue chip, continent-wide series ranging from the land's highest snow peaks to the depths of the frigid and wild southern seas, from its last populations of wild numbats to its largest diorama of giant cuttlefish. It's a land of diverse beauty, that delights and surprises. The series both entertains and deepens our understanding of how the natural world is made up of not just unique species, but distinct individuals, whose lives are far from predictable.

Length: 180 minutes

Item#: BVL203094

Copyright date: ©2019

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