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Handel: Rome (04:50)


This program will examine how a four-year trip to Italy influenced George Frideric Handel's career. Scott Yoo, Fabio Biondi, and Bob DeMain discuss the composer's collaboration with Arcangelo Corelli on "Dixit Dominus." Listen to an excerpt of "Trio Sonata."

American Academy of Music (04:13)

Daria van den Bercken plays an excerpt of "Chaconne in G Major." The pianist describes how Handel met Corelli, Domenico Scarlatti, and Nicola Amati. The ruins, churches, history, art, sculpture, and food affect the artists.

Baroque Architecture (02:12)

Jeffrey Blanchard traces the history of Sant'Andrea al Quirnale. The natural light illuminates the gilded angels on the walls.

Colonna Palace (04:43)

Blanchard describes how Handel gained an admiration of Italian culture and Baroque art. Yoo visits Tirelli Costumes, which has made opera clothing dating back to the 1700s. Sonoo Mishra explains how individuals used clothing to display wealth and power.

Santa Cecilia Baroque Orchestra (03:34)

A musician describes differences between modern and traditional oboes. Sprezzatura means playing the notes in a carefree manner.

Handel's Neighborhood (03:02)

Blanchard explains that Handel's patrons included three cardinals and Prince Ruspoli. Yoo tours the Vanvitelli room.

Handel: Naples (04:31)

Gianfranco Iervolino demonstrates how to make pizza. The chef sings Sergio Bruni's "Palcoscenico." Yoo describes how Handel toured with Alessandro Scarlatti and his son Domenico, who staged operas.

Handel: Bologna (07:14)

Biondi and Yoo climb the S. Pietro Cathedral's bell tower. Baroque bows are better at pizzicato. Vivica Genaux sings "ma nobile scudo" from "La Santissima Trinita" and "venti turbini" from "Rinaldo."

Italian Comedy (04:49)

Brad Repp and Aldo Gentileschi describe the physicality in their act. Duo Baldi performs a world premiere transcription of "Passacaglia in G Minor."

Handel: Montalcino (07:01)

Argiano Vineyards manually harvests grapes and has produced wine for over 500 years. Bernardino Sino describes differences between Italian philosophy and traditions, and other countries. Antonio Artese improvises a few notes from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony into the Italian genre of classical music.

Handel: Return to Rome (05:59)

Van den Bercken demonstrates how Handel's music contains elegance, the influence of opera, and the inspiration of Italian culture. A woman plays "Keyboard Suite in F-Major" as the piano is towed across Amsterdam. DeMain and Yoo perform the "Violin Sonata" in a piazza in Rome.

Credits: Handel: Italian Style (01:01)

Credits: Handel: Italian Style

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Handel: Italian Style

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Handel traveled with the Scarlatti family and learned from the masters of Italian Style. In Rome and central Italy, Scott takes in the art, architecture, fashion, food, wine, light and landscape that shaped Handel for the rest of his life.

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