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Introduction: Scarlatti: Man Out of Time (01:49)


This video will explore the works by Domenico Scarlatti. Scott Yoo describes how the Queen of Spain hired the best player in Europe to be her harpsichord teacher.

Scarlatti: Madrid (06:48)

Scarlatti's influence can be heard in the music of Johannes Brahms, Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Muzio Clementi, and Robert Schumann. Illeana Gomez performs a short flamenco dance. Folk music inspires Scarlatti's music.

Scarlatti: Tangier (05:26)

All Arab cities have a medina. John Haddad performs an oud, demonstrating how Ziryab incorporated African rhythms with traditional Middle-Eastern melodies. Omar Metioui and the Orquesta Andalusi De Tanger perform "Al-Andalus."

Scarlatti: Tarifa (04:34)

Yoo explains that Arab and North-African settlers built the town over 1,000 years ago. Haddad describes how the oud transformed into a flamenco guitar. Everyone speaks different languages but the tonality of music remains the same across the Mediterranean region.

Scarlatti: Seville (03:21)

Olivier Foures provides a tour of the city, including the royal naval yard. While the style of French dance is more sophisticated, Spanish dance is more primal.

Paella (02:48)

Valencian versions of the popular dish include snails, rabbit and, chicken with a socarrat crust. Randy Hewlett describes how paella blends Spanish and Arabic culture. Yoo transcribes a keyboard piece for the violin.

Scarlatti: Barrio Santa Cruz (05:54)

The Jewish quarter possesses narrow streets and white houses to reduce the heat. Emilio Villalba, Sara Marina, and Angeles Nunez perform "Avrix mi Galanica," a Sephardic traditional. Simon plays a sonata of Scarlatti to demonstrate the cultural influence of the area.

Scarlatti: Roman Influences (06:50)

Simon discusses construction workers discovering Roman ruins under the Metropol Parasol. Scarlatti could absorb the mixture of culture because he shared similar roots. Javier Nunez performs the "Cat Fugue" on the harpsichord.

Scarlatti: Return to Madrid (06:11)

The Ramirez Guitar shop is over 100-years-old and one of the most famous workshops in the world. Yoo and Manuel Barrueco perform "Canarios" by Gaspar Sanz. In "Sonata in A Major," Scarlatti incorporates the rasgueado.

Scarlatti: Royal Duty (05:37)

Yoo and Alice Dade visit El Escorial, one of the palaces where Scarlatti taught the Queen of Spain the harpsichord. Simon provides examples of Scarlatti incorporating guitar and Moorish sounds into his compositions.

Musical Recording (02:29)

Yoo records his transcription of a Scarlatti composition, including elements of modern Spanish-North African fusion. Gomez provides percussion by clapping and dancing.

Credits: Scarlatti: Man Out of Time (00:56)

Credits: Scarlatti: Man Out of Time

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Scott travels to Spain and Morocco to discover the greatest composer you’ve never heard of: Domenico Scarlatti. He incorporated the exotic sounds of Spain to create a new musical language that inspired generations of composers after him.

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