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Trump and the Republican Establishment (06:27)


Donald Trump criticized the leaders of the Republican Party but was forced to meet with them in the summer of 2016 to accept the nomination. Some leaders, like Jeff Flake and John McCain, denounced Trump because of his behavior. It became clear Trump had more political power than the party.

Trump and Healthcare Reform (06:37)

Republican leadership realized Trump had no plan or policy ideas when he took office, and thought he would be easily manipulated. Differing Republican ideologies nearly killed House Majority Leader Paul Ryan’s healthcare reform bill. Trump seemed to not care what was in the bill and simply wanted the win for passing it.

Trump and Republican Ideology (03:06)

Unable to navigate the ideologies of Republican policies, Trump set an ultimatum for the healthcare bill's passage. When nothing was achieved, he dropped the effort and blamed Congress for it.

Trump and a Healthcare Win (04:40)

Ryan rewrote the healthcare bill, giving into Freedom Caucus demands, and got it approved in the House. Though it was predicted to fail in the Senate, Trump celebrated it as a victory. Millions of Americans protested over the possible changes to their healthcare.

Trump and McCain (04:46)

Trump began criticizing the House version of the reform bill, while pressuring Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to get it passed. The vote came down to McCain, who voted against it as a stand against Trump. It was viewed as a win for the old Republican establishment.

Trump and McConnell (03:22)

After the bill's failure, Trump began lashing out against Congress and McConnell, widely criticizing him on Twitter and in public. Trump undermined McConnell and began to distance himself from the Republican establishment.

Trump and the Alt-Right (06:48)

White nationalists praised Trump a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that left a counter-protester dead. Trump did not denounce the white nationalists and said that "both sides" were to blame.

Trump and Republican Criticism (05:04)

McConnell and other Republican leaders criticized Trump for his response to Charlottesville. Flake published a book about Trump's treatment of race and immigration, so Trump held a rally in his home-state of Arizona.

Trump and the New Republican Party (05:27)

More than 30 Republican Congress members did not seek re-election because of how Trump changed the party's ideology. Many fell out of favor with the party after speaking up against Trump's actions. In his last speech in the Senate, Flake called for unity within the party.

Trump and Tax Cuts (06:16)

Still looking for a legislative victory, Trump and the Republican-majority Congress introduced a plan for tax cuts. Trump held a celebration in the Rose Garden and the party viewed it as a campaign talking point for the midterm elections. Republican leaders, who had criticized Trump, began praising him.

Credits: Trump's Takeover (01:04)

Credits: Trump's Takeover

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