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Reaching Abuna Yemata Guh (08:39)


Tigray region Ethiopians climb a steep mountain face to an ancient church to have their baby baptized. Tradition dictates that the ceremony occurs on the child's 40th day and be followed by first mass. After the service, the happy family descends, returning to their village.

Protecting Laos Citizens (08:35)

Mekong Basin residents risk injury and death to farm rice; over 80 million bombs leftover from Vietnam War annually maim or kill 300. An emergency clearance team finds a small explosive at a future school's site; they detonate a 500 pound bomb in a sand pit after defusing.

Mato Grosso Indigenous Tradition (08:15)

An Amazon rainforest tribe believes forest spirits must be placated by festivals; their shamans keep warriors fed while ceremoniously dancing all day. They use a net to push fish up river, catching hundreds in an hour, providing food for event participants.

Faroe Islands Traditional Delicacy (10:37)

Skuvoy Island's mayor leads an expedition to collect Fulmar eggs from ledges of steep cliffs. He and villagers descend 200 to 500 feet, remove safety harnesses to search nests, and pulled up to safety by their team. They harvest 240 delicacies, splitting between all participants.

Rescuing Alpine Visitors (09:07)

During national holidays, the Matterhorn is visited by skiers, climbers, and hikers; the dangerous environment claims lives. An Air Zermatt helicopter pilot responds to 1,600 emergency calls annually; he and his team lose a heart attack patient and save two stranded women.

Behind the Wonder: Surviving Against the Odds (07:04)

The film crew prepares for the baptism at Abuna Yemata Guh. A rope safety expert helps them practice the shoot; they get one take. During the family's ascent, the drone camera runs low on battery power, but the celebration is successfully captured from both ground and air.

Credits: Surviving Against the Odds (00:20)

Credits: Surviving Against the Odds

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Surviving Against the Odds

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In some natural wonders, people must push themselves to the absolute limit in order to survive. For the people who call these extraordinary places home, survival requires great skill, determination, and courage.

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