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Skin: Endurance Swimmer (09:07)


Skin includes epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis layers; in cold conditions, blood is diverted to insulate organs. Lynne Cox is uniquely adapted to endure frigid waters; she discusses her experience swimming the first Antarctic mile.

Skin: Burn Patient (06:11)

Six-year-old Jenny experienced life-threatening third-degree burns over 80% of her body. Her identical twin sister donated skin for grafts; her quick recovery was aided by special lotions, massages, and pressure suits.

Lungs: Mountain Climber (06:26)

Altitude sickness symptoms range from headache to potentially fatal cerebral edema. Ed Viesturs can climb Mount Everest without breathing supplemental oxygen; his lungs have 32% more capacity than is normal.

Lungs: Heart Stopping Surgery (07:21)

Before removing the scar tissue choking the flow to her lungs, doctors lowered Pam Peterson's core temperature and drained her blood; she was legally dead through most of the procedure. She was restored and made a full recovery.

Muscles: Strongest Man (07:12)

Phil Pfister lifts four times his body weight; his workouts push his anaerobic threshold. Skeletal muscles are slow twitch or fast twitch; sport scientists find that high speed and strength athletes have higher ratios of fast twitch types.

Brain: Tourette's Syndrome (06:54)

Jeff Matovic’s brain sent his muscles the wrong signals, causing them to react with uncontrollable tics and spasms. He had a successful and experimental surgery wherein doctors implanted electrodes in his brain to override the misfires.

Credits: Body Fantastic (00:22)

Credits: Body Fantastic

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