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Types of Training (04:53)


The five main types of training are strength, aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility, and skill. Determination of how a type is implemented depends on an athlete's needs, and the practice of progressive overload principles.

Planning Training Sessions (03:55)

To plan for training, one must know the athlete's goals and fitness needs. Then it is possible to map out the phases and sub-phases of the athlete's schedule to prepare the athlete for peak performance.

Psychological Training (04:31)

Psychological training tools include anxiety management, visual imagery, and setting goals by the SMART method.

Pushing the Boundaries (05:57)

In sports, drugs can be used to improve strength endurance, and they can mask the use of other banned drugs. Use of banned drugs has internal and external costs. Technology can measure, analyze, and improve performance.

Credits: Improving Performance: Elite Athlete Case Studies (00:36)

Credits: Improving Performance: Elite Athlete Case Studies

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With advances in technology and medicine have come specific strategies for boosting sports performance—and no one is more qualified to explain those methods than professional athletes and their coaches. This program visits the training facilities of eight sports figures from around the world to highlight their expertise and personal experiences in improving performance. Viewers learn about planning an effective training schedule, the importance of psychological preparation, the risks involved with taking performance-enhancing drugs, and the benefits of high-tech measurement in cultivating athletic ability. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (20 minutes)

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