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Introduction: Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion (00:34)


Introduction: Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion

Trainee Birth & Postnatal Doula (02:34)

Sally is on her way to assist with a birth for the first time as a doula. Three weeks earlier Sally discussed the birth plan with Alison and Neil who are expecting their third baby. The birth will be at home in the pool with Sally assisting.

The Doula Allows the Parents to Become Closer (02:04)

Sally assures the parents she will be on call 24-7. Alison expresses concern that the baby will be too big and get stuck. Sally explains that the baby will turn to allow the shoulders to come out. Neil says the excitement is starting to build.

Doulas Provide Continuity of Care (02:22)

Alana and Parho hired a doula for the home birth of their first child because unlike a midwife, she would be with them continuously throughout the birth. They chose Samsara because she is spiritual but also practical.

Anticipation (02:48)

Samsara explains that she goes with the flow, being supportive in whatever way the situation calls for. Parho describes his feelings of anticipation. Samsara relates her mindset during those last few weeks of a client's pregnancy.

Enabling Husband and Wife to Work as a Team (02:32)

Rebecca and Doron chose a doula because the health service couldn't guarantee a midwife for their home birth. The birth of their first child was stressful because Doron had to do too much of the preparation and couldn't be right there with her.

The Birth Begins (02:39)

Doron is in the tub with Rebecca. The doula, Caroline, helps by putting on music, lighting candles, phoning relatives, and making tea. Rebecca's contractions intensify and she starts pushing. Two midwives attend.

The Baby is Born (02:55)

Rebecca pushes and the baby is born as relatives look on. The midwife lifts the baby out of the water and hands her to Rebecca. The baby cries, then begins to nurse. Doron announces that the baby's name is Elise.

It Went Like a Dream (02:01)

The umbilical cord is cut. Caroline explains that a doula's job is to serve the needs of the parents with love and care, which she finds hugely rewarding.

Four Days After the Birth (02:15)

Rebecca and Doron settle into bed with baby Elise, exhausted but happy. Rebecca says having Caroline there during the birth was worth every penny.

Thank God You're Here! (02:03)

Alison wishes they had called Sally sooner after the contractions started. As soon as she arrives, Sally immediately gives Alison unconditional support, helping her breathe through the contractions.

Getting Ready (03:05)

Sally feels like part of a strong team with Alison, Neil and the midwife. Neil describes the progress of Alison's labor thus far as he fills the inflatable pool. Daughter Blythe is reluctant to go to bed and miss the action. Neil helps Alison into the warm pool.

Hard Work (02:40)

Sally was able to read Alison's needs, holding her hands and arms firmly during the very intense contractions, while Neil supported her from behind.

It's a Boy! (02:45)

Alison begins pushing. At Sally's urging she shifts her position. After a few more long minutes of struggling to push, Alison feels the baby's head start to emerge. Then, very quickly, the baby is born. Alison immediately cradles him in her arms.

Reflecting on the Birth (02:04)

Gina, the midwife, explains that in a water birth the mother does everything. Neil says he strongly advocates having a doula. Alison nurses the baby. Sally describes the whole experience as exhilarating.

The Birth Experience She Wanted (02:23)

Neil puts the placenta in the refrigerator, explaining that they will make a tincture of it for Alison. But first, champagne all around. Sally talks about feeling the relief that came over Alison as the baby's head came out.

Feeling Complete (02:12)

Sally goes back to visit Alison and Neil five days after the baby is born. When Sally arrives, Grandma is just taking the baby and big sister for a walk. Alison loves having a third child. Sally gets a chance to hold the baby.

Early Progress (02:59)

Alana and Parho share their thoughts during the calm early stages of her labor and later when her contractions were 3 minutes apart. When the midwife came Alana was already dilated 8 cm. Everyone thought the baby would be born soon.

Transfer to Hospital (02:14)

Progress stalled. The team tried everything to get things moving again. Finally the midwife suggested going to the hospital. After 8 hours at 9 cm Alana and Parho discussed it with Samsara and the difficult decision was made to go.

Caesarean Birth (02:08)

At the hospital Alana was told that the long labor was becoming an issue for the baby's safety. The OB recommended a Caesarean. Initially they were opposed but Samsara reminded them it was about the baby. Soon they were holding her in their arms.

Lasting Connection (02:06)

Samsara holds the baby and talks about the unpredictability of childbirth. Alana says there will always be a bond with Samsara. All three doulas and families reflect on their shared experiences.

Post-Natal Doula Support (02:43)

Sally goes to visit a new mother, Emma, who has had trouble adjusting to her first baby. She needed help with breast feeding and newborn care. Emma says she had trouble bonding with the baby because nursing her was so painful.

Helping New Parents (03:00)

Sally explains that Emma was exhausted and overwhelmed. Emma recalls how Sally helped during the difficult weeks, doing whatever was needed to give Emma a break. Sally gave Emma confidence. Stefan says she worked wonders.

Samsara and Margaux (02:25)

Samsara first came to help Margaux when baby Monty was three weeks old. She comes in the mornings and helps with laundry and looks after big sister. Margaux says Samsara has a natural way with babies.

An Extra Pair of Hands (01:53)

Samsara explains that she is part mother's helper and part nanny for Margaux. The work flows naturally from helping with childbirth. Margaux has encouraged friends to use doulas.

Credits: Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion (00:25)

Credits: Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion

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This program gives viewers an intimate look at the work of doulas, capturing the details of the support they offer at each phase of the birthing journey. Three pregnant women and their husbands discuss why they chose a doula to supplement a midwife’s services, and the doulas in turn relate what the experience means to them. The video follows the women through labor and includes footage of two at-home water births. Having the doula on hand for reassurance, to call relatives, and more allows the couples to be fully involved with the delivery of their new child. The role of a postnatal doula in helping parents transition to life with a baby is also covered. Contains nudity associated with childbirth. (60 minutes)

Length: 60 minutes

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Reviews & Awards

“I found the film utterly breathtaking and felt instantly inspired to employ the services of a doula for our next birth.”  Juno Magazine


“This is a great video for doulas to show to potential clients—it is both an introductory tool for doula care and a great birth film! Childbirth educators will also benefit from it for the same reasons…”  —Connie Livingston, President, Perinatal Education Associates, USA,


“The film gave me goosebumps … “  —Suzanne Borrell, Director, BabyExpo


“What I really appreciated was how the producers of the DVD chose to include a birth which ended up with one of the couples going to hospital … and how the doula facilitated this move…. I’d recommend any soon-to-be mum considering a doula to watch this video. It is not only informative but sheds a very positive light on the whole birth experience.”  —New Product Review,


“Scene after scene of this moving and visually beautiful film demonstrates what is possible in the realm of support, for mothers and fathers, during life’s most essential transition, the birth of the family.”  —Patrick Houser, author of Fathers-To-Be Handbook

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