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Bribri People (06:58)


An indigenous woman tells children stories about their culture. An elderly fisherman discusses his profession and past encounters with the tribe. Immigrants from around the Caribbean bring new customs.

Family Cocoa Tradition (05:29)

A cocoa farmer complains that pesticides from American banana plantations harm his trade. He describes the process of harvesting, fermenting, and drying cocoa beans.

Voice of Talamanca (04:06)

The indigenous storyteller tells the children about spirits that originated in "the times of darkness." A woman reads local news and classified ads on the radio. Her broadcast helps secluded farms stay connected to the community.

Ancestral Forest (07:24)

Carlos recalls marrying his Bribri wife and the hardship they endured before developing their plot of land. Bribri society is matriarchal, and women are the heads of households. Shamara discusses medicinal herbs and a traditional shaman.

Spiritual Leaders (09:15)

Awas are the keepers of the memory and knowledge of a people that were. They use magic stones to communicate with the underworld. A villager elaborates on the importance of these objects.

Preserving Bribri Heritage (09:28)

The storyteller fears that future generations will forget their culture and language. A teacher says many Bribri youth are ashamed to speak their tribal tongue. Elders pass down knowledge that cannot be gleaned in the classroom.

Community Inclusion (10:19)

The storyteller tells the children about sacred trees that must never be cut down. Neighbors respond to Carlos's radio request for help building his house. Carlos feels he has earned the Bribris’ trust.

Credits: Costa Rica: Those Who Talk to Stones (00:50)

Credits: Costa Rica: Those Who Talk to Stones

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Costa Rica: Those who Talk to the Stones

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In the mountains of Costa Rica lives a hidden community: the Bribri. If they are called “those who talk to the stones," it is because of their unique and fascinating relationship with the mineral world. These stones were handed down to them by their god, Sibù, to allow them communicate with the underworld, and to heal on earth.

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